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  1. Maroonman

    NLC - 2018

    Why can't someone just post the #$%#$$^^&#% thing? It's not like it's evidence of a faked moon landing or anything.
  2. Maroonman

    Mishawaka to NLC

    I have good information that the NLC invited Mishawaka only to be a doormat for the rest of the NLC powerhouses in all 19 varsity sports in which we attempt to compete. I hope some of the "lesser" NLC schools allow us to score a point in a game/match/meet or two. I'm not sure we should even field a baseball or wrestling team in 2020. It all seems so hopeless....
  3. Maroonman

    School Fight Songs

    Mishawaka's school song is actually a combination of two tunes. The first part is from “Down the Field” written in 1904 for Yale University by Stanleigh P. Friedman (Yale 1905). In addition to Yale, it is used by the University of Tennessee, the University of Nevada and the University of Oregon. It's not Yale's official fight song (which is "Bulldog"), but "Down the Field" is played after every Yale athletic event, win or lose. The second part of Mishawaka's school song is the trio from the “105th Cavalry March” written by Theo Steinmetz sometime around 1910. The tune is quite obscure and I am reasonably certain that no other school uses it. Steinmetz (or, "Steinie") lived in Wisconsin and taught music and organized bands at a few high schools there. Around 1911, Richard Ackerhusen and Max Kraning, (students at Mishawaka) combined the two and added original words to create the "original" school song for Mishawaka High School which is still used today. LaPorte's school song is titled "Our Old High" How's that for providing WAY more information than anyone cares to read?
  4. THIS ^^^^^^ I was in the process of writing a similar comment but this one says it all. Bob, you're such a great ambassador for Indiana High School football. We've agreed and disagreed over the years, on a couple of your pet topics, but I will always respect your passion for the improvement of the game. I just want to share my good wishes and look forward to your contributions on the GID from a different, yet still extremely knowledgeable perspective.
  5. Maroonman

    The dreaded inadvertent whistle

    Ha! That's a question for another day.
  6. Maroonman

    The dreaded inadvertent whistle

    Gee Bison... you took all the fun out of it! Maybe I shouldn't have posted on the officiating forum. I was hoping for a little more entertainment. It was really interesting to hear folks step through the "logic" of the play. It's amazing how the events AFTER the IW confuse so many. The consensus in the crowd seemed to be Team B (receivers) ball at the spot of the muff. However, there was a good number who thought it should be Team A (punters) ball at the spot of the muff because of the "immediate recovery" but understanding that a muff can't be advanced. I did hear at least a couple of people who thought it should be a touchback. Most interesting though was the fact that NO ONE agreed that it should be a replay. The replayed down resulted in a touchback even further solidifying the fans perception of fairness (or lack thereof). I should point out that the play had ZERO effect on the outcome of the game.
  7. Maroonman

    The dreaded inadvertent whistle

    Here's a fun one that actually happened Friday night. Team A punts the ball from Team B 40 yd line. Team B signals for fair catch at about the 3 yard line. Ball goes straight through the receivers hands for a muff, BUT official immediately blows whistle as ball is contacted by receiver. Team A (punters) as well as Team B (receivers) scramble for the ball and it trickles into the end zone where it is ultimately recovered by Team A (punters). The official who blew the whistle marks the spot of the muff with a bean bag while the scramble is ensuing. There are no additional whistles. The officials conferred for about 2 minutes before announcing their decision. Who's ball? And where? The conversation in the stands (Team A) was wonderfully amusing in both it's ignorance and it's creativity.
  8. Maroonman

    1967 Scoreless Tie

    Doesn't seem to be all that rare for teams that played before the overtime rule. Mishawaka High School has twelve 0-0 ties in it's football history. Three with the same team (Elkhart), and TWO in the same year (1932). 1902 - Elkhart 1903 - South Bend 1919 - South Bend 1920 - Elkhart 1927 - Gary Emerson 1932 - South Bend Riley 1932 - Goshen 1939 - Mooseheart (IL) 1959 - South Bend St. Joseph 1962 - Elkhart 1965 - Penn 1969 - South Bend Riley
  9. Well, those two teams played each other in 1959 and 1960. And St. Joe is the only team from this area that GR Catholic has played either before or since (with the exception of Niles High School in 1972). So if you're remembering GR Catholic playing at Notre Dame, it almost had to be those two years. Interesting. Indian72, where are you??
  10. I'm not sure these are the games referred to by Coach_G, but Mishawaka and South Bend Central played nearly all of their classic rivalry games between 1930 and 1946 at Notre Dame Stadium. It was reported that the 1930 game drew 30,000 people. Even after Mishawaka's Tupper Field (now Steele Stadium) was dedicated in 1939 the Mishawaka/SB Central games continued at Notre Dame because of the large crowds that no area high school field could accommodate. Below are the programs from the first and last games between the two schools played at Notre Dame. To be sure, those were different times and something like that is unlikely to happen again.
  11. Maroonman

    NIC 2015

    Mike Franger (Elkhart QB)... went to ND but ended up quitting football and played basketball for the Irish. Kevin Mott (Marian LB)... Purdue and the NFL David Schnell (Elkhart Central QB)... IU Mike Rosenthal (Penn OT)... ND and NFL And of course Gehrig Dieter (SB Adams and SB Washington WR) who was already mentioned above. I never got to see Franger play, but I saw the rest. Obviously all tremendous at their positions.
  12. Maroonman

    NIC 2015

    Well... without Google (which can make us all look smarter than we are ), I'm going to say the NIVC was Marian, St. Joe, SB LaSalle, SB Clay, Penn and SB Jackson. That seems about right.
  13. Maroonman

    NIC 2015

    Interesting. John Coalman of SB Central was my answer as well. His brother, Sylvester was also an outstanding player for the Bears.
  14. Maroonman

    NIC 2015

    That is a great trivia question. His brother wasn't bad either. The brothers helped win a state championship. The school helped launch a couple of very storied basketball careers.
  15. Maroonman

    NIC 2015

    Let's throw a couple of Marian guys into to the conversation. A kid named Tom Creevey was a man among boys in the late 60's and Nick DiCicco was an absolute monster in the mid 70's. I'm not sure their high school athletic accomplishments qualify as the greatest ever in the NIC (let's just say the South Bend/Mish area since NIC membership has varied), but they certainly belong in any conversation discussing the best who have ever played around here.