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  1. I think the most simple solution is to utilize the sectional alignments as "districts" or new conferences. The district standings should be the qualifier. In the playoffs, different districts would square off. For instance, the 1 seed from Sectional 17 would face the number 8 seed from Sectional 18 (This year it would be Hammond Morton vs. South Bend Clay, as an example.). This does a number of things. Your regular season competition is with similar sized schools for 7 games. You get 2 out of district games to preserve traditional rivalries. Every 2-3 years, this changes as alignments/enrollments/success factors change. Then in the playoffs, you get to face off with someone different than you played during the regular season. I am sure the biggest complaint will be deterioration of conferences... but the thing is, a lot of team's sectionals are their conference, with some slight variation. If you want to continue playing some of those traditional conference teams, you have two games with which to schedule them. Or we could go to 10 regular season games and you'd have 3. With this set up, everyone gets in the playoffs and there is a clear determination for seeding based on district standings. This is a very similar setup to Kentucky, but would truly be all-in. Some teams could even select to drop their district play in order to have freedom of scheduling in order to build or rebuild their program. They would be ineligible for the playoffs, but this has been beneficial to some Kentucky schools.
  2. boilerfan87

    Bloomington South

    Mo is a great coach, but in high school football, coaches always be limited by what they have. Great coaches can maximize what they have, but even the greatest can only do what they can with what they have. Since his returning to Bloomington, they have made it at least as far as regionals 4 out of the 5 years, with 2 of those years being a semi-state run. I have no affiliation with Bloomington football, but on the surface, it would appear this is just a bit of a down year, especially judging by apparent expectations on here. Bloomington South will be okay... Mo will be okay. He will coach there as long as he wants or until a vindictive school board gets in the way.
  3. boilerfan87

    Hoosier Hills Conference 2018

    Much of what you say on here is misinformed or flat out wrong information, not opinion.
  4. boilerfan87

    2018 MSC-PLAC

    It is hard to be surprised by anything coming from BC, but I"m not sure it was expected to do that to what seemed to be a much improved Charlestown team. North Harrison and Silver Creek both looked impressive as well last night. Should be an interesting race for the MSC championship.
  5. boilerfan87

    Hoosier Hills Conference 2018

    The game was closer than the score indicated. It was 17-10 Providence at half thanks to a pick 6 as time expired. It took Floyd a while to get on the board to tie it up. Then they scored late and missed a PAT to make it 23-17. The last score was when the game was practically sealed after Providence turned it over on downs deep in Floyd territory. Floyd's defense played well. However, they struggled to throw the ball or protect the QB, although they only did so 5-6 times. Wright looked very good and very fast and Edwards ran well between the tackles. Certainly plenty of positives to take and as new systems settle in the will be okay, but navigating the HHC will be a challenge (although it really is every year as most teams can compete with each other outside of East). Providence is going to be the usual... struggle in the regular season simply because they schedule up so much. By tourney time, they will be in good shape for another run at a sectional title.
  6. boilerfan87

    Hoosier Hills Conference 2018

    They have played in the Pulaski County (KY) Bowl game the last three years. There are two games played that Friday night and they alternate opponents each year. Last year they played Pulaski County and the year before they played Southwestern (out of Pulaski County as well). Both are very solid programs with top notch coaches, though I believe PC's coach retired after this past season. They are still an outstanding program.
  7. boilerfan87

    Hoosier Hills Conference 2017

    I probably know far more than you think... but I will not disagree, change can be a good thing. It could all work out in the end for them. Absolutely. They have some excellent and experienced coaches. But for 11 years they have been coaching a similar scheme with familiar terminology. All of that may change in an instant and even the most veteran coaches will take some time to adjust to it. That is an issue of the late hire. Well said. There is a fairly strong correlation, but no guarantees.
  8. boilerfan87

    Hoosier Hills Conference 2017

    You sound like a former player who didn't enjoy his workouts. Too tough? But it will be basically June before they are approved and allowed to start. Sure, all other teams can't really "start" until then, but it runs much deeper than that. Whoever gets the job will have to put together a staff and then teach the staff everything he knows. It sounds simple, but it takes a lot longer, especially if you want it to be very effective. This guy may very well be flying solo trying to get things installed until his new staff understands the schemes and expectations. He will need to be incredibly organized and I find it hard to see anyone being any more organized than Coach Glesing.
  9. boilerfan87

    Hoosier Hills Conference 2017

    For hiring a head football coach, we are quite late in the process. It is entirely possible that an established head coach will not be willing to leave their current situation at this point in the year. It will be practically June before anyone is confirmed. Their best possible hire might be an up and coming coordinator. We shall see.
  10. boilerfan87

    Hoosier Hills Conference 2017

    EC has already hired Don Stonefield, who led them previously. Szabo did well at Bedford, yes. But what about the last 5 years? He was at Evansville North. I think North is much more comparable to FC than Bedford. Szabo stepped down to spend more time with his family. Does he get back in it after just a few months? FC is a pretty good job. I am sure it will receive some well qualified applicants.
  11. boilerfan87

    Markese Stepp

    Nah, come on down and Boiler Up!
  12. boilerfan87

    2017 Boilermaker Football

    I read on what I believe was goldandblack.com that Coach Brohm made the decision not to nominate any individuals as to promote the team over the individual. I get his point of view and I like it. However, I completely agree with you.
  13. This thought drives me nuts. Why does basketball have to be like football? That argument holds no water. Wrestling already has seeding, so by your logic, so should every other sport already. Each individual sport needs to do what is best for it.
  14. Congrats to Coach Buening and the Raiders!
  15. boilerfan87

    Michigan City at Kokomo

    MC had never even won a sectional title before this season in its entire school history. It's hard to simply lay the blame at just the last coach. It seems like a major cultural issue. The max wins they had in a season was 7 and that only happened a handful of times since 1900. All the credit in the world goes to Coach Mason and staff. What an incredible job they have done, especially as quickly as it has been done.