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  1. yellowjacket

    In the NIC - WEEK # 6

    My apologies, I misread the post.
  2. yellowjacket

    In the NIC - WEEK # 6

    Saint Joseph was a pretty good challenge for Marian.
  3. yellowjacket

    NIC WEEK # 4

    Can't wait for the Bremen/Marian game in 3 weeks, it probably will determine the NIC South Championship. Right now I think Bremen would be the favorite.
  4. yellowjacket

    IFCA Poll week 3

    Does Marian 2-0 who defeated Clay #289 and Glenn #234 in Sagrain, deserve to be rated #5 in 3A?
  5. yellowjacket

    HNAC Week 3

    Having never seen Pioneer play, to help me get a better idea of how good they are, what other high school team would you compare them to?
  6. Also add R.J. Decker from Marian playing @ Air Force Academy.
  7. yellowjacket

    New Turf In 2018

    Just curious, does anyone know what it coast to install a grass football field?
  8. yellowjacket

    NIC 2018

    I agree.
  9. yellowjacket

    NIC 2018

    Heard that since South Bend High Schools are getting out of school @ 4:00 p.m. this year, Football teams will not be able to get a bus on Friday for games until 5:30 p.m. This will cause many games to start at 7:30 p.m. instead of 7:00p.m. Has anyone else heard this?
  10. Even a better reason not to play football this season.
  11. Nothing positive can come from Lynch playing football with the scholarship he has to play baseball @ ND. Great decision by the Lynch family, whatever the reason for not playing football.
  12. Great to see that Angelo DeCarlo will be broadcasting the Saint Joseph and Marian football games this fall on Redeemer Radio 95.7 fm.
  13. yellowjacket

    New Turf In 2018

    The Field Manager named "Hollywood" put his whole life, heart and soul into Jackson Field and made it the best in the state. Unfortunately "Hollywood" died at a young age.
  14. yellowjacket

    New Turf In 2018

    Just a few years ago Jackson Field was selected as the best turf field in Indiana. Sorry to hear it has deteriorated to the state of "tragic".
  15. yellowjacket

    Mishawaka to NLC

    I would like to know what sports @ Mishawaka, other than football, will be competitive in the Lakes Conference? Many programs at Mishawaka are just plain terrible, for example golf, tennis, and soccer.