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    NIC WEEK # 3

    I could see Penn losing to Mishawaka and possibly NP . There is only so much a defense can do .At some point , the offense has to find some kind of consistency in drives and scoring points.
  2. Bob , No disrespect to your Alma Mater , but us Indiana fans Always considered Ohio Powerhouses (Football )to be Iggy , Moeller , Elder , St X and Collerain . It wasnt until recent years that your Eagles started winning titles 2010,2014 and 2015 . But they are in the conversation now . If your talking Wrestling , It doesnt get any better than St Ed's .
  3. After seeing the Warriors hang 42 on Trinity in Louisville , I too think they will win 6A . The Warriors also missed two field goals . I don't see any team from Indiana beating them . I think a couple MIC teams may keep it close outdoors in the elements , Wind ,Rain , Sleet and snow . But inside LOS , nobody touches them .
  4. That's a huge blow , Lynch is a stud . Makes you wonder if he's concentrating on only Baseball or if Notre Dame said no more football .

    Mishawaka to NLC

    Mishawaka will own the NLC in wrestling and be near the top in Baseball .

    Cathedral and Penn

    Think Penn would do well to win 1 of the 4 games . But win or lose , it will be a win for Penn because they get to see MIC caliber talent(or better) early in the year .

    6A Football

    Why do you feel that Carmel is the team to beat in the north ? A young Penn team beat Carmel 34-7 last year . Now I realize Carmel is better than they showed in that game , but give Penn a little credit . Penn's QB was only a Soph last year and is going to be a stud . Add in the fact Penn is 2-1 against the greyhounds the last 3 years . I would not say Carmel is the favorite in the North .

    Penn v Ben Davis 6A Title Game

    Weather always has influence. Weather it is extreme heat in August , extreme cold in November , Wind , Rain etc .

    Penn v Ben Davis 6A Title Game

    Driven T says Penn is one dimensional . This is what BD gave up to other teams this year . So if Penn is one dimensional , so are most of the teams BD played this year. CG - 7 points Warren - 16 points ( First Meeting) LN - 8 points Carmel - 10 points LC - 7 points NC - 14 points Fishers - 7 points Penn - 14 points
  10. GOLDRUSH85

    Penn v Ben Davis 6A Title Game

    Valpo beat both City and LaPorte, Penn beat Valpo. Carmel would beat 99% of the teams you listed, Penn Smoked Carmel. Driven T’s reasoning is *Deleted*ic.
  11. GOLDRUSH85

    Penn v Ben Davis 6A Title Game

    Guys an *Deleted*. And even Warren got blown off the field in the first meeting.
  12. GOLDRUSH85

    Penn v Ben Davis 6A Title Game

    Bottom line , aside from possibly Warren , This years Ben Davis team beats any 6A team in the state by at least 50 inside Lucas Oil Stadium .
  13. GOLDRUSH85

    Penn v Ben Davis 6A Title Game

    Has to be one of the most retarded post I've read on this forum . I guess we play the games on paper now . Alabama was better than Auburn on paper too .
  14. GOLDRUSH85

    Penn v Ben Davis 6A Title Game

    There are alot of teams in the Indy area that do have the so called Athletes to compete with the "generational teams", but they to took beatdowns at some point in said season's . So why do you single out Penn ? Could you imagine what Reece Taylor would of done to Avon or Fishers in a Climate controlled setting with no elements like wind , rain , cold etc?