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  1. Rocket3117

    WEEK # 5

    It wasn’t but you can watch it on broadcastsport.net
  2. Rocket3117

    WEEK # 5

    Not a lot of chatter this week. I know I’m looking forward to the NP Mishawaka game, should be a very good one. I’m sure the cavemen would love to stick it to the cougars after getting tossed around in the sectionals last year. How is Mishawaka’s defense against the Run? Looking forward to a good turnout at the game, NP will be celebrating their 50 yr anniversary at this game with a lot of former coaches and players in attendance.
  3. Rocket3117

    NIC WEEK # 4

    I was more upset with the St Joe parent that decided to chase down the refs at the end of the game and yell and berate them. As for the game itself I believe NP had 85 yards in penalties and St Joe 166. Both very solid teams that if they clean up the mistakes could make some noise in the post season.
  4. Rocket3117

    Gameday Scores

    NP 27 st joe 8 half
  5. Rocket3117

    Gameday Scores

    New Prairie 21 st joe 8 2nd qte
  6. Rocket3117

    NIC WEEK # 3

    Andrean’s QB carved it up.
  7. Rocket3117

    Happy Thanksgiving!!!

    Happy Thanksgiving to all and safe travels to all making the trip to Indy.
  8. Rocket3117

    Lowell vs East Central!

    Curious as to why you feel this is the best offensive line Lowell will have faced?
  9. You can watch it on broadcastsport.net
  10. New Prairie 27 lowell 13
  11. Rocket3117

    "Big" HS football players....

    New Prairie has a couple of 6-something 300 pound tackles. Kids are definitely bigger nowadays. If you remember the fridge was considered a freak when he played now it's just average.
  12. 6 4A schools for an average of 44ppg. But hey we only score against 2 and 3 A
  13. I respectfully disagree with your assement, but that's why they play the games on the field and not in forums.
  14. NP will face off with Lowell for the 2nd time on school history. The cougars scratched out at 28-27 victory in 2014. Should we expect another close one?