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  1. "Miner Effort"? Definition requested......
  2. hick

    Wabash River Conference Week 4

    One could say many a negative about Woody 😉, but he does have you here Navy. Note he said talent. Talent alone won't get it done. Had Woody coached that group, they win at least one of those 3 and the other two are much more competitive at minimum. As it was, that NC/Linton game was close for the 1st half and NC may even have led for much of it? P.S. Woody, enjoy the praise and don't get used to it. I vomited typing this.
  3. Before signing off of this week's edition of Hick's History I have one small suggestion for BC3...PLEASE pass the keyboard to one the smarter kids in the classroom before responding. Also remember, a healthy diet includes more than a half box of Crayola's washed down by a Tube of Elmers.
  4. Three things in Sullivan I love(d) growing up & to this day occupy a soft spot in my ticker... 1. Cheerleaders 🔥🔥💕 2. Bobes 👏 3. Arrowettes 💋💋💘
  5. Does your mom know you're still up and playing on the "thingy". That big spelling test will come early in the morning. When you get ungrounded, please collect data from all players since 2000 who've graduated from Linton or Sullivan and also played football. Focus on yearly income and level of education. I will bet my house keys vs your mom's (and mine even comes with a grass cutting thingy!!) that Linton will be substantially higher in both cases. Good luck tomorrow. Get there early or you'll lose your spot in the tunnel line.
  6. Anyone have a cup? Need to see what's in this man's urine. What is your definition of a college football player when referring to a HS team's current roster? When someone says "we have a college player on our team", I take that as a scholarship player - you know where they want you to play there. The coach needs to put food on the table and thinks you are good enough to help the team win which means he keeps his job. They pay your tuition, books, apartment, etc. Is that your definition? Small rural football teams don't produce a high % of scholarship level athletes. If Sullivan High School in Sullivan, Indiana has 10 football scholarship quality players on this season's roster....well NK is going to be a problem in 2A for a long time. They played a slew of freshman who looked across the LOS and saw 10/11 players who are scholarship quality and only lost by 3 scores!! And how in the hell has Linton been kicking your butt every year when you have Warren Central type talent? No sectionals with all that talent?? May have to reevaluate Blaine's ability to lead. Hell, a monkey could coach 10 scholarship level players and win your sectional. Or maybe you meant 10 kids who can make the team at Depauw, Anderson, Manchester, Franklin, Hanover, etc? Good for them...I admire kids who play at that level. They often make great coaches. But if they were good enough to be a scholarship player, then...well...they'd be on scholarship somewhere, not playing at Franklin. If that's your definition so does Linton. And about 50% of 3A. Almost forgot... how'd your scrimmage against Farmersburg go?
  7. Of course things are on the up. You have a Linton guy running the program. Linton's had a significant mental edge on the Arrows as of late. A few of those years the Darts wanted no part of the Miners physicality. Sullivan closed the gap last season in the toughness categories - physical and mental, but still found a way to lose. I don't think that changes yet. Blaine will get this back to being more competitive in the win / loss column then it has been the century, but not this year. I've read this book before. Here's the cliff notes: Sullivan comes out fired up and emotional. Linton shows up with a new swagger and focus. The miners will be sharp, disciplined, and fast. Sullivan's high gets deflated quickly due to penalties, a turnover or two, and a few Miner big plays. Linton never trails and the outcome isn't in doubt after Halftime. That is all. #MinerCitycelebratesatSportland2018
  8. Disagree on Bullington's pro career. Making 7 figures annually as recently as 2013 is pretty darn good. Just happens to be in Japan.
  9. hick

    Top 5 Coaches in Southern Indiana

    Disagree on Smith. Washington was in that regional until Rhett was a Sr. His Sr year they bumped down to 2A and were beat by a Jt Yoho led EG that was the better team. Had they stayed 3A they likely win the sectional, but no way they get through Guerin in 3A regional.
  10. hick

    Top 5 Coaches in Southern Indiana

    Wins and win % don't always mean as much without further evaluating. Jeff Moore is an example. 400-241, 7 sectionals, at least 2 regionals. Not sure he'd be considered capable at the JH level.
  11. hick

    Top 5 Coaches in Southern Indiana

    The more I think about it, Taps is fishing on this one. I don't mind that, board is all but dead these days. He knows fans from Linton, Greene County, and Loogootee are some of the more active posters and this board. He's just trying to stir it up a little. I'll counter with my top 5 Si Coaches 1. Joey Hart 2. Brian Oliver 3. Matt Fougerousse 4. Jared Rhemel 5. Joe Hart
  12. hick

    Top 5 Coaches in Southern Indiana

    So you have 8 ahead of Joey including 4 in the greater Montgomery area??
  13. hick

    Linton at Barr Reeve

    I certainly am not giving up on this team and any Miner fan with a clue should not either. I don't however believe our bumps in the road are all in the rearview mirror. Coach Hart uses those bumps as moments to define his team's character. Coach Hart is a top 5 coach in Southern Indiana (as is Coach Hughes). Barring injury or the unforeseen, it's a near certainty Linton will be better in March and in my mind we are the sectional favorite. Joey is pretty darn good in the tourney incase anyone forgot. Mental 1st, toughness 2nd, togetherness 3rd, ability 4th, technique 5th....
  14. hick

    Linton at Barr Reeve

    ^^ This! I loved that 2014 team. Hands down my favorite of Coach Hart's tenure. That team's cup overflowed with toughness. They returned one starter (role player in 2013) from a state runner up and two others who saw some spot duty. The makeup of that team was a bunch of kids trying to prove something. A lot seniors who felt their shot at the big stage was overdue after playing JV for three years. I loved watching Zach Ridell play basketball. He was a undersized post with what, a 4" vertical? But he was a leader, smart, crafty and stretched the floor. A tough kid that wasn't born with a silver spoon, but backed down to no one. 2017 would be a top 5 2A team with Zach Ridell