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  1. WIC

    Wabash River Conference Week 5

    Still hearing South Vermillion is going back to WRC. Anybody up that way confirm this?
  2. WIC

    Wabash River Conference

    I am hearing reports that South Vermillion may be going back to WRC. Can any one from the WRC comment on this?
  3. WIC

    WCC Conference News?

    Not a done deal yet.
  4. WIC

    WCC Conference News?

    My best guess is East: Brown County, Edgewood, Owen Valley, Cloverdale, Cascade and North Putnam West: Sullivan, South Vermillion, West Vigo, Northview, South Putnam, Greencastle Week 9 crossover game between divisions
  5. Sullivan played very well. They were very physical and played very inspired. South Spencer had turnovers and penalties. SS really lost their composure. I think they had at least 5 personal fouls. Sullivan is to be commended for keeping their poise and focus. Great win for Sullivan. Good luck next week.