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  1. The people have spoken.
  2. Best 80s supermodel..... GO.
  3. Per Rich Torres of the Greenfield Daily Reporter: https://twitter.com/RichTorresGDR/status/954310813849964544 Congrats coach. Congrats Marauders.
  4. coachkj

    Columbus north

    My best friend’s sister’s boyfriend’s brother’s girlfriend heard from this guy who knows this kid who’s going with a girl who saw Ferris pass-out at 31 Flavors last night. I guess it’s pretty serious.
  5. I was wondering if I missed something. You retired for good this time Coach Leisure?
  6. coachkj

    2017 1A All-State

    Been happening on this site since Tim Adams started it. Will continue as long as they name teams.
  7. coachkj

    New Turf In 2017?

    I coached a kid who played vs. Eastern Washington on the red turf. I asked if it was as bad to play on as it was to watch on TV. He said it had to be worse to play on.
  8. coachkj

    Parents or players thoughts on D3

    Two of my son's final 3 are Franklin and Manchester. I'm also his coach. I've really enjoyed visiting Manchester it seems they do a good job recruiting and running the program. The coaches are personal and professional. I like the fact that they tell the kids to not make their decisions based on football alone. I've been telling kids going to small schools the same thing for 20 years. Full disclosure on this one.... I've known Mike Leonard for nearly 25 years. He is truly as good a guy as he appears. The real deal. He's obviously built a solid program that will be in the playoffs and/or conference champion more years than they aren't. Hanover... I don't know. He was accepted with the top academic award. We reached out to the staff said they would come to visit and never did. Since we were happy with the other 3 we never pursued it any further. I think the schools are all good ones. Go for the least expensive.
  9. coachkj

    Your Ideal Conference

    Couldn 't disagree more. For every Eastern Greene there is a Monroe Central. But MUCH more importantly, football is extremely valuable to a school community and the kids who play, whether it fits someone outside the program view of success or not.
  10. It was the best part of the game. Second was Gruden saying "Spider 2 y banana."
  11. I am of the opinion (and I may be the only one) that you can tell running up the score as much or more on defense and special teams. Were they blitzing and stunting with the starters in the 3rd? Were they trying to block punts or return them?
  12. Traders Point's will be ready in a few months.
  13. coachkj

    Chop blocking

    They shouldn't be used interchangeably! A huge pet peeve of mine.
  14. coachkj

    A question on scheduling

    If your team is good it'll be tough. If you're bad it is really easy.