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  1. Dawson Witte. Mainly a WR but came in vs Henderson when Sellers knee brace broke.
  2. I have a feeling things are going just fine out on coal mine road. Just judging mainly by last year's returners the impact kids look to be possibly from the following: RB-Ben Butler WR/QB-Dawson Witte OL-Noah Singer TE-Blake Martin WR-Cody Hupp QB-Brady Allen DL-Ashby Henning LB-Lucas Plasse LB-Garrett Martin DB-Andrew Smith DB-Mitchell Spindler DB-Beau Lamey I believe the kicker is back as well but I could be mistaken. I'm not really sure about other newcomers that may be on the field.
  3. CoalMineLegend

    Evans Brothers Leave Central

    So who did Princeton pick up on the schedule?
  4. CoalMineLegend

    Evans Brothers Leave Central

    Why yes they will be at least touching the ball on every play because Lavar Ball........I mean Jhonell Evans will be the Princeton OC next year.
  5. CoalMineLegend

    Evans Brothers Leave Central

    Thank you for making my point Knowledge! The fact that you are excited to point out that they will beat Pike Central next year, well, nevermind. Go get those pesky Chargers!!!!
  6. CoalMineLegend

    Evans Brothers Leave Central

    Guys...........Princeton lost to Pike Central last year. PIKE........................CENTRAL.
  7. CoalMineLegend

    Evans Brothers Leave Central

    Holy cow no they aren't! Princeton will beat the bad teams on their schedule but will still struggle against the good teams because their o and d lines are BAD. The Evans brothers left Central because one of them got expelled for fighting so the dad (call him Lavar Ball) decided to run away instead of holding his kids accountable. Rumor is they showed up to an away Princeton basketball game and had to be removed from the reserved seats of the home team. The dad then made an A@@ of himself. Good luck Coach Maners with the @#@show you have inherited!!!!
  8. I would be NERRRRVOUS if I were a Titan fan. North is a gold mine with a really weak sectional. A perfect step-up for Nick Hart.
  9. Ok please stop. The game was clearly out of hand and we onside kick! Embarassing.
  10. Nice win tonight but I have a MAJOR issue with the choice of our coaches choosing to onside kick right before half. Really? We usually display a lot more class than that so I was really disappointed in that decision. We are good.....I get it. Now display some sportsmanship please.
  11. Any idea if 48-7 could be the worst loss HH has suffered?
  12. CoalMineLegend

    SIAC 2017

    So Reitz gets it handed to them in 2015 by GS then decided to shun them for scrimmages the next 2 years? But it's ok to scrimmage Princeton this year? Ole Herman must be rolling over in his grave!!!!
  13. Umm no it wasn't. It was the first team wildcat formation with their first team linemen vs the gs backups!
  14. So let me get this straight......Princetons head coach felt the need to call out pike central publicly because pc left their starters in to score trash points but the Tigers do the EXACT same thing last night??? Pot.......meet kettle!
  15. hhpudtriot really feels the need to call out a 17 year old kid for a quote he gave a newspaper? Don't get me wrong....I TOTALLY agree that anyone at this point in the season that even mentions the word "state" needs to have their mental capacity checked. However, this is an excited KID that had probably never even done an interview before. I also feel it is ironic that hhpudtriot feels the need to call out media relations when his profile pic includes one of the most hated, selfish, and childish athletes in professional sports. And regarding that "Princeton-South Gibson dynamic"......like Titan20 said........you might want to do a little research first. That all being said, Gibson Southern fans need to slow their roll. All this talk of "this being the year"? Really? They didn't even win a SECTIONAL or the PAC last year! IB, Indy Bound, State Bound.....whatever. None of that stuff matters. Take your run of recent success with a little humility. Lots of returning experience....check. An excited fan base.....check. Strong coaching staff.......check. You had all that last year and a certain team near Holiday World could have cared less. Get it done on the field.......THEN you can talk.