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  1. It has been UNUSUALLY quiet in Gibson County this offseason. I know we are still a bit over 3 months from the start of the season but I am a little discouraged in the lack of Gibson Southern threads. What will the Titans look like this year? First QB not named Sellers in what, 5 or 6 years? Should be a new cast of characters but the Titans usually reload and not rebuild. Who are some of the players that will step up for the Titans this season?
  2. Eye in the Sky

    Evans Brothers Leave Central

    But will they be able to help burn any of those boats???
  3. Should be a classic! Memorial 31 Gibson Southern 35
  4. 5 years ago today the Gibson Southern Titans won their first ever Sectional Championship, in Overtime against.... the Memorial Tigers. Lets hope this game is as exciting as that one was!
  5. Thought I was being pretty generous giving them 7 or 14. Think it will be VERY hard for them to move the ball tonight. Hoping for a great time. Hope the weather won't be used for excuses afterwards no matter the outcome. Good luck to both teams and hope for no injuries so next week against Memorial will be a great one.
  6. Changing my prediction a little. GS - 50 Vincennes - 7
  7. Since Coach Hart took over, GS has been a team that heavily relied on their skill players making plays. The offensive line seemed to always be something that held them back. This year, they have the great athletes AND a great offensive line. That's the difference in this game. Keys to the game: 1. GS controlling the line of scrimmage on offense and defense. 2. Kotter and Obermeyer going up against MUCH smaller corners. 3. Time of Possession. Teams that have beaten GS in the past tend to control the clock, and keep the ball away from their offense. To me, that's not the strength of the Vincennes offense. They wanna get big chunk plays. Prediction: Vincennes will score on a few big plays, but more possessions in the game means more points for GS. GS - 63 VL - 21
  8. Eye in the Sky

    Sectional 32

    What's the word on the Vincennes suspensions/injuries? Are they back to full strength?
  9. Eye in the Sky

    Big 8

    Boonville 28 - Princeton 21 Jasper 35 - Mt. Carmel 14 Mt. Vernon 13 - Scottsburg 21 Washington 0 - Vincennes 42
  10. Eye in the Sky

    Big 8

    Mt. Carmel has been decimated with injuries/transfers/suspensions. They are currently playing without their overall best player and D1 TE Marcotte, 3 best O lineman (1 is a JR who transferred to Gibson Southern, the other 2 are injured and were all conference as FRESHMAN. The depth on the O line and D line have really showed. I believe in the Washington game, the Hatchets were without a few of their top skilled kids. The Aces aren't a horrible team, just young, injured, and lack a lot of depth. But they better not feel sorry for themselves as the Wildcats head to the Snakepit this week.
  11. Titans name the score. The Vikings punch in a couple late. 63-21
  12. Eye in the Sky

    Big Eight 2017

    Who/Where do all of the Big 8 teams scrimmage this Friday?
  13. Eye in the Sky

    Mt. Carmel at Princeton

    Hope the scoreboard operator got a lot of sleep last night. He should be kept very busy in what should be a shootout. First to 50 wins. Aces 56 Princeton 42
  14. Eye in the Sky

    Mt. Carmel at Princeton

    Are they "tough games" because the teams they play are good, or because this version of the Aces is a little below average? Think the Big 8 is as open/bad as it's been in a while. Jasper not their typical dominant self, Vincennes took a step back from last year, if Princeton is really the second/third best team in the conference, is the conference really that good? Just a little food for thought.