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  1. Fballfan15

    The Hoosier Conference 2018

    Not surprising to me. Cass is a good team who has played a good schedule. Overall the HC did pretty well with WL, TL, RC, LCC, Tipton, and Cass all moving on. Tipton won 62-13. Got a lot of guys involved offensively and played the JV most the second half. Time for the showdown with Webo!
  2. Fballfan15

    Sectional 38

    Cascade 44 Park Tudor 7 North Putnam 21 Cloverdale 7 Western Boone 49 Indy Washington 0 Tipton 62 Speedway 13 Tipton got a lot of guys involved tonight. Roudebush ran for 122 yards and 2 Td’s and threw for 2 more to Stoker and Connor and Peyton Carter ran for 240 yards and 3 Td’s. Now comes the big test! Saw Webo took care of business as expected. Gonna be another doozy!
  3. Fballfan15


    Roudebush 15 yard TD pass to Stoker Tipton 55 Speedway 6 7:10 left in 3rd
  4. Fballfan15


    Carter 65 yard TD run Tipton 48 Speedway 6 11:50 left in 3rd
  5. Fballfan15


    Roudebush 5 yard TD run Tipton 41 Speedway 6 1:11 left in 2nd
  6. Fballfan15


    Roudebush 26 yard TD run Tipton 34 Speedway 6 6:36 left in 2nd
  7. Fballfan15


    Carter 70 yard TD run Tipton 27 Speedway 6 9:41 left in 2nd
  8. Fballfan15


    Roudebush 24 yard TD pass to Connor Tipton 21 Speedway 6 11:52 left in 2nd
  9. Fballfan15


    Carter 7 yard TD run Tipton 14 Speedway 6 4:53 left in 1st
  10. Fballfan15


    Speedway 65 yard TD pass Tipton 7 Speedway 6 6:32 left in 1st
  11. Fballfan15


    Roudebush 56 yard TD run. Tipton 7 Speedway 0 8:45 left in 1st
  12. Fballfan15

    Sectional 38

    Where did you see that Park Tudor already forfeited? I cant find it anywhere.
  13. Fballfan15

    Sectional 38

    Great to have someone from another school in this sectional. NP seems much improved from a year ago.
  14. Fballfan15

    Sectional 38

    I thought he threw a great deep ball last year. Looks more of the same this year. Seemed like Benson was his favorite target last year but now it’s Hendrix. 2 very nice weapons to have. Also see that Webo is still mixing in the wing t. Guessing weather plays a part in how much we see of that in the tournament.
  15. Fballfan15

    Sectional 38

    He is a really good Punter!