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  1. Fballfan15

    Hoosier Conference 2019

    Tipton must replace like 15-16 starters. The current Juniors are a small class. The current sophomores is a very strong class. Tipton will return Kobe Stephens on the OL. He was Junior All-State. Guessing he will play both sides of the ball. Jayvin Lyons also made Junior All-State as a sophomore. He lead the team in tackles from his ILB spot and started on the OL out of need but guessing he will move to a different position offensively. WR/DB Drew Pearce started both ways as a soph as well. Tipton will also get back Trevor Ramsey from an ACL injury. He was a starting DB and would have gotten touches at RB/WR. Tipton will have talent but will be inexperienced. I think they’ll be middle of the pack in the HC in 2019 and then possibly the favorite again on the East side in 2020. Cass is my favorite on the East next year followed by Western.
  2. He is a top 10 wrestler in the state. He was a really good basketball player in middle school but chose to wrestle in HS. Baseball might be his best sport though. He lead the HC in hitting as a Sophomore and Junior.
  3. Here are some of his highlights. https://www.hudl.com/video/3/8650980/5ba1aacef55fa806c443ecaf
  4. The initial comment was “Roudebush was the best player we played all season.” You in turn pointed out that Eastbrook’s running back was better because he had more rushing yards. Tipton’s offense is built on being balanced. You can’t just include his rushing stats when he threw for 1,560 yards and 17 TD’s. Not sure why I’m arguing with you. It’s like talking to a wall.
  5. Wait a second. Roudebush had 2,660 total yards and 44 TD’s. Kirby had 1,965 total yards and 23 TD’s. Roudebush also did that in 4 less games. I know we are both biased but I saw Kirby play twice and he’s a fantastic player but he’s just no Roudebush.
  6. I’m anxious to find out. There’s no way to replace all those Seniors especially Roudebush at QB but the current sophomores are very talented. 2 of them started both ways on this year’s Senior heavy team. I think Tipton will definitely take a step back but I expect them to be a top 10 team again in 2 years.
  7. After watching all of Webo’s games after the Tipton one, I think this statement is 100% true. Be interesting to see if they send us South again. As for your Kings, I think they are going to be one of the best teams in 2A next year.
  8. You can argue the call all you want but no need to bash the kids. When Tipton played Webo in a tight game, I thought Webo kids had great sportsmanship. Maybe the best I saw all year. I’ve had my battles with Sarg on here but their kids and coaches are very classy. I understand being upset about the game. Eastbrook had an outstanding season and I hope coach Adamson breaks through one of these years but attacking the kids is very tasteless.
  9. Webo was definitely the better team in my opinion. The game was on its way to being a blowout but the Webo QB made probably his only poor decision on that pick. I do agree that was a backwards pass but since the whistle blew it looked like the Webo receiver stopped. If it doesn’t blow then who knows who would’ve recovered it. Congrats to Webo on a fantastic season. Happy for that community. Even you Sarg!
  10. Fballfan15

    Hoosier Conference Pick 'Em Semi-State

    Where did my picks go? Guess I should have double checked. I know I made them but guess the computer failed me. I would have been 14 back of Foxbat. Oh well maybe next year.
  11. Fballfan15

    Hoosier Conference State Finals Pick 'Em

    5 Point Games Eastbrook @ Western Boone (5 Bonus Points if you Pick Eastbrook and they win) Dwenger @ Evansville Central Carmel @ Warren Central (10 Bonus Points if you Pick Carmel and they win) Pioneer @ North Vermillion (10 Bonus Points if Pick NV and they win) West Lafayette @ Evansville Memorial New Palestine @ Decatur Central (5 Bonus Points if you pick DC and they win)
  12. Wethington isn’t easy to tackle! Turnover in the end zone and dropped would be TD were 2 bigger issues. Anxious to see Webo on the turf. Their WR’s are outstanding. Eastbrook will need to get pressure on Wright without him getting out of the pocket. Very good throwing the ball on the run. Also can tuck it and run. Webo’s screen game is lethal as well.
  13. I agree with literally nothing Sarg has to say but I can’t wait for him to join in on this thread. Got my popcorn ready!
  14. Saw Eastbrook against Cass. Their speed didn’t jump out to me. How well coached they are did though. Adamson is one of the best. I like Webo in this one 35-14.