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  1. SMHS

    Sectional 40

    Ugh, tonight. Weather isn't looking great. Forecasts for Monrovia say rain the whole game and it'll feel like 38 degrees. At least I can look forward to the kettle corn they make there, that is some good stuff!
  2. SMHS

    Week 8 Scores

    Scecina 54 Ritter 25 Final
  3. SMHS

    Week 8 Scores

    Ritter pinches it in before half. Scecina 27 Ritter 17 1:03 2nd
  4. SMHS

    Week 8 Scores

    With Ritter driving to the Scecina 21, Scecina has an 80+ yard pick 6. XP is good. Scecina 27 Ritter 10 4:28 2nd
  5. SMHS

    Week 8 Scores

    After a defensive stop, Scecina takes a draw 64 yards for a touchdown but misses the XP. Scecina 20 Ritter 10 8:04 2nd
  6. SMHS

    Week 8 Scores

    Scecina drives the field for a TD. Scecina 14 Ritter 10 11:49 2nd
  7. SMHS

    Week 8 Scores

    Scecina 3rd and 3 on their own 10, Ritter with the pick 6. Ritter 10 Scecina 7 1:55 1st
  8. SMHS

    Week 8 Scores

    Ritter drives the ball on their opening possession and hits a 34 yard field goal. Scecina 0 Ritter 3 Scecina returns the kickoff for a touchdown. Scecina 7 Ritter 3 7:29 1st
  9. SMHS

    WEEK 8 - AP POLL

    Just how it goes sometimes. Scecina was #1 in 2A with 12 first place votes. They lost a competitive game to perennial power 5A Roncalli and the next week dropped to #4 or #5 with only one first place vote. People see a loss and feel they have to respond.
  10. SMHS

    Saturday Playoff Games

    That was my guess. I’m a fan.
  11. The FG/XP is definitely a problem they need to work on.
  12. Man, #32 for WEBO is tough to take down!
  13. I hope you are right, but I just don’t see it happening. I’m thinking it’ll be no more than a 10 point game either way. I won’t be able to go tonight, so I’ll be watching online. The one good thing about watching at home (beside the fact that I’ll be warm) is if the game goes the wrong way I’m just a short walk to the refrigerator for some cold beer.
  14. I think most or all on the Scecina side would be surprised by a blowout of either team. Everything I’ve seen points to this being a great game. Wish I could go. Thankful I can watch online.
  15. I get what you are saying, but have to disagree to a point. If you look at the final poll, there is only 1 team in both 1A and 2A ranked in the top 10 from Indianapolis. It would seem more rural schools do just fine, at least in smaller schools. 1A is 1A, no matter how big a city the school is in.