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  1. pennfan67

    Mishawaka to NLC

    The way Penn is starting to beef up their schedule ie; Illinois, Michigan and now Ohio teams, I wouldn't be surprised if they go independent in the future! Oh, and also Cathedral!
  2. pennfan67

    NIC 2018

    Penn just added Cincinnati St. Xavier to 4 rotating games starting in 2019! I believe they are Ohio's state champs i their division.
  3. pennfan67

    Cathedral and Penn

    I saw that today also! They have scheduled Illinois Homewood Flossmoor on 9/6/19 supposedly an Illinois powerhouse!
  4. pennfan67

    The New N.I.C. Week # 1

    Penn plays Merrillville next week not Birmington Rice, Michigan. They play them the 3rd week , and Orchard Lake St Mary's Michigan the 4th week.
  5. Penn scrimmages Crown Point
  6. Penn 14 - Mishawaka 0, 1st qtr.
  7. FB38, KF is is joking. I remember when the KF and Mishawaka fan rhetoric when on for weeks before a game. Fun reading if you ask me!!!
  8. Penn 64 - SB Riley 0 beginning 4th qtr.
  9. I know Penn picked up Brother Rice, Bloomfield, Michigan for 2015/16. Brother Rice has won the Michigan State Champion 2011, 2012 and 2013.
  10. pennfan67

    NIC 2014 Outlook

    Have no clue!!!
  11. pennfan67

    NIC 2014 Outlook

    Well, Penn should look really good tonight, since they are going to scrimmage against themselves :-/
  12. I wish Penn still played Ben Davis. That game was always a marker on what Penn needed to improve going forward. Most were close games.
  13. pennfan67

    NIC 2014 Outlook

    While investigating Brother Rice High School, I found out there are two high schools. One in Chicago and one I Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. The one in Chicago has a state championship in 2011 and the one in Michigan has a state championship in 2013. I'm not sure which one is on the Penn schedule next year.
  14. pennfan67

    NIC 2014 Outlook

    According to Penn's website, they will play Brother Rice, Chicago, Illinois home and away starting next year. Anyone know anything about them?
  15. pennfan67


    According to Penn's website, Carmel will scrimmage Penn at Penn this year and at Carmel next year.
  16. pennfan67


    Penn will scrimmage Carmel.
  17. pennfan67

    NIC 2014 Outlook

    Penn will scrimmage with Carmel August 15th.
  18. pennfan67

    Concord vs Westfield

    Good luck Minutemen! Hoping for a win tonight and bringing a state championship back to the north next weekend.
  19. pennfan67

    Round 2 sectional scores thread

    Penn 14 Chesterton 0
  20. pennfan67

    Mr. Football Thread

    Zack Oakley, quarterback, Penn.
  21. pennfan67

    Penn Kingsmen Defense

    Being an avid Penn fan I and probably a lot of Penn fans won't believe it either, but please don't hate us because we are upbeat about this team. It's been along time since I have seen a Penn team with all three aspects (offense, defense and special teams ) of the game. Do I wish we played better teams, yes! But it is what it is. Another thing that is back is the hunger and swagger, which to me have been missing. Does Penn have a chance, they sure do. Till then I will remain optimistic.
  22. Is it a possibility they could meet at State this year? Miss having them on Penn's schedule!