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  1. As this thread has evolved, I have yet to see any answers about how the IHSAA representatives are called in for inspection of a teams home field. I can’t imagine they automatically inspect every potential host field for semi state games and I also can’t imagine it’s random.
  2. new money


    I would love to agree with PSA. And in most cases what he says is true. But I witnessed Jusevitch from Lowell single handedly dismantle the Saints Friday night. Lowell has a really good “team”, but they have one “GREAT” player who clearly was the difference between winning and losing for the Red Devils.
  3. Well the rain held until the end, but just barely. As I sit here still in the parking lot, wet and cold, I want to give the Lowell Red Devils a shout out. These young men came to Fort Wayne and were as advertised. Tough as nails all night. And if IU does land #6, he will be a good one for them. Saints had their chances, but only a couple. They really needed to get all the breaks to pull of the win. Didn’t go their way, but like always, they will be back. Go get em next week Lowell. Should be a fun game. Two programs from complete opposite corners of the state that have so many similarities Until 2018 all.
  4. I found it this evening and gave it a watch. Gotta say that I was a little surprised by how close the game really was. To hear some describe it, I was thinking that it was a mismatch. A couple of big breaks go the other way and Dwenger is playing NP tomorrow night. What especially caught my attention was how easily NP moved the ball on their last scoring drive by spreading Lowell out a little bit and operating in some space. Red Devils not nearly a good when they weren’t loading the box with 8 plus the safety and committing 100% to stopping the run. Leads me to believe that if BDHS sticks to the offensive script that has worked for them the last several weeks, they will move the ball and score some points. But they will also need to be disciplined on defense and not commit silly penalty’s, blow coverages or miss tackles. Because Lowell appears to be very good at taking advantage of the opponents miscues. Now I am signing off until after the game. But will change my prediction to a 24-13 Saints victory. Safe travels to the Region folks who are making the trip. I hope you find the game entertaining and the hosts gracious and hospitable. NM out.
  5. Big Joe is the real deal. Watch the main/1st video at about the 4:15 mark when Dwenger fumbles. You will have a true appreciation of what the young man is about.
  6. LOL. Without a doubt the north rep can win. A lot of the reason why is because Roncalli is in 5A this year.
  7. There are identified and established “feeder schools” for both. However, I am pretty sure there is nothing to stop anyone from going to the school of their choice. And I’m positive that Indy is the same. My nieces and nephews attend(ed) a Guerin feeder school but they are not required to go there. They have been able to also consider Chatard, Cathedral and Brebeuf.
  8. There is no doubt a lot of $ going into private schools through the Voucher program. However, there is a strict income limit in order to qualify. The folks that are over that income limit are also the ones who are still paying the majority of the Indiana taxes and who could otherwise afford to donate to a new football field.
  9. LOL. 1st off, neither BD or the diocese own the field in question. 2nd, as others have said, if the parishioners who pay tuition at Dwenger could keep the tax dollars that pay for the public schools turf, maybe they could afford it.
  10. I will remind everyone that I have predicted a defensive battle. Anyone saying that Dwenger has trouble stopping the run can review the Angola box score. They came in averaging 40+ points per game with a 1000+ yard and an 800+ yard rusher. Angola ended the game with negative yards on the ground and zero points on the scoreboard.
  11. Don Hall's Tavern At Coventry is a solid choice. Pretty close and they have a good beer selection and a menu with something for everyone.
  12. It’s a very nice, modern stadium. Field Turf, plenty of seating on both sides and ample parking for a big game.
  13. Moved to Homestead HS which is field turf. Dwenger shares a home field with Concordia and does get used every week through the season. So it’s beat up for sure. But it always has been and this is the first time they have been forced to move. Not sure what’s different this year.
  14. IHSAA just forced Bishop Dwenger to move from their home to another school due to what they deemed unacceptable field conditions.