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  1. CoachK5

    In the NIC - WEEK # 6

    Might want to check the stats. Driscoll rushed for 170 and Ruszkowski rushed for 96. 266 of 272 total rushing yards. Can't believe SJ only has this as their running game. So predictable.
  2. CoachK5

    In the NIC - WEEK # 6

    SJ has some good kids on both sides of the ball. They have two major flaws, one they can't control their emotions and commit a lot of dumb (stupid) penalties. Usually at the end of a big play that gets called back. Two, their offensive game plan is predictable. If Penn know what's coming, they will crush the play. For SJ to have a chance, they must play inspired disciplined football and have a offensive plan that controls the clock while putting points on the board.
  3. CoachK5

    In the NIC - WEEK # 6

    For St Joe to have any chance against Penn, they need to clean up the penalties and play under control. If they continue to play sloppy, Penn will win easily.
  4. CoachK5

    NIC WEEK # 3

    Should be one of the better SJ/Marian games this week. SJ's running game and defense will keep the game close. I think Marian is a bit unproven, opening against Clay and Glenn. Should be a good game on Father Bly Field.
  5. CoachK5

    NIC Week # 2

    New Prairie may put 70+ on Clay.
  6. CoachK5

    New Turf In 2018

    I'm not sure if the guy that cared for Jackson retired or passed away, but he left a couple of years ago. Jackson's not taken care of the way it was.
  7. CoachK5

    Week # 8 in the N.I.C.

    Bremen will beat Jimtown. Penn all over Elkhart Central. New Prairie will name the score against Glenn. Marian's offense has vanished, Mishawaka by a couple of TD's. Adams and Washington will be a very entertaining game. Eagles in a tight one. Riley will beat Clay easily. SJ and CMA is the most interesting game of the week. SJ has played a much tougher schedule and are playing well right now. SJ by a touchdown
  8. CoachK5

    2017 Hoosiers

    Driven, please crawl back in the hole you've been in. You have never been a fan of Tom Allen. The talent in Bloomington is better than is has been. Yesterday, IU turned the ball over 4 times. You're not gonna win a lot of games turning it over that many times, much less against a team of Penn States caliber. Let's wait and see how the balance of the season plays out. I still see 7 wins.
  9. CoachK5

    2017 Hoosiers

    Tough week heading to PSU. Hopefully, some of what IU did last Saturday will still be there against an much tougher opponent.
  10. CoachK5

    NIC Week # 7

    This could end up being quite the shoot out. I'm not sure that SJ will stop Mishawaka's ground game and SJ's passing game could give Mishawaka fits. I'll take SJ 35-32.
  11. St Joe over Elkhart in a back and forth battle. John Glenn in a close one. Jimtown in a upset. New Prairie wins by 2 scores. Penn and Mishawaka both roll. Riley wins, but it will be decided by less than 7 points.
  12. The Marian-Jimtown game will be closer than 20 points.
  13. CoachK5

    N.I.C. Week # 3

    Should be a real good close game. SJ have a lot of their lineman playing both ways and they tend to get tired in the 4th quarter.
  14. CoachK5

    NIC Week 2

    Game day. Good luck to all the NIC teams.