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  1. Well... the high temperature for this week is tomorrow and predicted in the mid-50's! There won't be any improvement on the grass fields other than maybe drying out some. Maybe FWCS can request the use of N.Haven and Leo's facilities once they get knocked out of Sectional play?
  2. Dabears

    Snider Panthers

    I'd be happy with any Snider or Luers coaches at Leo for our Boys basketball teams.. I know this is a football forum, but, a girls tennis coach from Snider or Luers would be better than the Men's basketball staff at Leo... well at least since 2004-2005 for sure.
  3. Added one. Curious to know the brain activity level of those who can sit endlessly playing a video game until 3-4 am...
  4. Dabears

    Sampson James

    Is he Edgerrin James brother?
  5. Dabears

    Sectional 19 Thoughts?

    Culver Mil. and Angola are both favored at home (Sagarin's) over #1 Ranked 4A Bishop Dwenger.
  6. Dabears

    Sectional 19 Thoughts?

    I see Angola getting the Best draw. IMO their Defense is even better than last year. Obviously their 1st round should be their toughest game until the championship as Culver is IMO the 2nd best team on that side of the bracket..
  7. Dabears

    Sectional 19 Thoughts?

    Northwood vs. Plymouth for 1st round does not appear to be an even draw for either of those two teams. IMO.
  8. wow... quick Snider score after loosing 10-yards of penalties on first drive.
  9. I can speak to the fact that the game will not be played tonight on that field without yard markers/stripe's, etc. Anyone know if Homestead or St. Francis is being considered?
  10. I looked at a picture on another thread that was supposedly Zollner Field.. Anybody able to post photo's from any of the other FWCS fields being played on tonight?
  11. Where are the yard marker stripe's?? Stripe's should have been applied last night.. Is this a picture of a practice field?
  12. Missing/hurt Dwenger player: Patrick Finley. The Snider player you mention, if I read correctly, is no longer on the team.
  13. Dabears

    Sectional 19 Thoughts?

    Agree. If seeded I'd say: 1. Northwood, 2. Angola and 3. E. Noble. But sorry to say, depending on the draw, one of the three could be out 1st round...
  14. I like seeing the confidence for your team but in all honesty how would you know how Dwenger will match-up to the higher ranked teams in Da Region/Indy and Evansville? I see that the Coaches and Media Polls have them at #1 but the same reasoning applies, the Coaches and Media are following their local teams.
  15. There is a Eifert currently playing for Dwenger. Younger brother to Tyler if I remember hearing correctly.