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  1. Any predictions on what position Caden is going to play in the 2021 season? I personally hope he plays DE so he can chase QB all game long and get a sexy sack total so he might get in the running for Mr. Football. CG has 6 Sr. Defensive line men with some kind of collage offer so Curry moving to LB would be fun to watch.
  2. Carmel I think have 6 state championship for 2020-2021 More than all Marion county
  3. I suggest creating a MIC big Four thread and move this conversation there.
  4. Can Tayven Jackson get Curry to go to Tennessee? In an interview he said that he was going to try. Tayven also said that he and Caden are going to take a unofficial visit together on Saturday.
  5. I saw somewhere on 247 that he has three official visits scheduled for June. Ohio State, Alabama, Clemson
  6. How many of these D1 players are paying the full 15,765 a year to attend Cathedral. If they are getting scholarship money I don't see much difference.
  7. Center Grove bantam football league did an awesome event last year during pandemic. It broadcast CG vs pike game on a big screen that they set up at the bantam field. Just another example of CG culture!
  8. I move to the Center Grove area a little over 11 years ago. My fist experience with CG football culture was when my 6th grade daughter ask me if I would take her to a middle school football game. I was shocked I did not know that my daughter even knew what a football look like. So I find out that it is the two middle school in CG school corporation playing each other. It is called North vs Central game and it is played at the high school. So I arrive at the game and can't believe the crowd size 2000+ and the atmosphere was great. Had so much fun that I decided I should try a high school game.
  9. State finals team results. (football players only) 1st Center Grove FB = 38 pts, All = 38, 6 players 2nd Carmel FB = 30.7, All = 68, 3 players 3rd Booneville FB = 18, All = 18, 1 player 4th Pioneer FB = 16, All = 16, 1 player
  10. Here is a list of 247 Indiana top 50 for the class of 2021 and 2022 that made finals. 2021 25 Tyren Mason WR 3 star Elkhart Memorial 4x100 26 Devin Mockobee. 3 star Booneville Longjump 1, 110 hurdles 5 41 Wenkers Wright 2 star RB Floyd Central 4x100 42 Colton Parker Wr 2 star Carmel 300 hurdles 3, 4x100 1 43 Jackson Schott LB 2 star Center Grove High jump 13 , long jump 8 2022 4 Joey Tanona OT 4 star ZionsvilleShot put 12 7 Tayven Jackson QB 4 starC CenterGrove 4x400 8 13 Kenneth Grant DL 3 star Merrillville Shot put 5 19 James Schott DE
  11. There is a Tyler Schott on CG Fr. Football roster. Do you know if he is there brother or related?
  12. CG LB Jackson Schott is the only one who qualifed for the state finals in both long jump (8) and high jump (13). Miami (OH) is getting one talented football player.
  13. Center Grove Football Players Results From Warren Central Regional 100 Meter Dash =========================== 3 RB Wheat, Brandon JR. 11.04 5 DB Coyle, Micah SO. 11.12 200 Meter Dash =========================== 1 RB Wheat, Brandon JR. 22.37 10 2 DB Coyle, Micah SO. 22.53 8 400 Meter Dash ===========================
  14. Who will the QB be for the Irish?
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