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  1. How do I reserve one of the two handicap parking spot that Arlington has? My 83 year old mother would like to attend this game.
  2. If you want to keep the game on the north side try to make a deal with North Central they are at Ben Davis that week.
  3. Thanks for confirming that Carmel won't play at Arlington.
  4. Was playing at Arlington part of the reason Carmel drop there game with Cathedral this year.
  5. Can someone point to were tickets can be purchased online. Can't find a link
  6. What is the seating capacity? Can it even handle this game.
  7. COPPER KETTLE GAME DAY! No. 1 Center Grove vs No. 2 Carmel 7:00PM at Carmel tickets $8 online at https://gofan.co/app/events/327888?schoolId=IN362… MyIndy-TV 23 PPV stream at https://ihsaatv.org/isc/
  8. @CGTrojanFootbal No tickets sold at the door tonight. Purchase tickets at link below: https://gofan.co/app/events/327888?schoolId=IN362
  9. Must have read somewhere that Merrillville has 17 D1 athletes.
  10. Doesn’t get much better than this; Copper Kettle Game, #1 vs #2, big crowd, can’t wait. CG fans will be there in force and will be loud. I think CG will shut down Carmel’s Run game forcing them to beat CG through the air. If CG shuts down the passing game it could be a long night for Carmel. Coach Moore will have his team ready to play. Good YouTube video of Moore’s pre game talk against DC. https://youtu.be/qB5GZkfXuYE?t=335 I am little surprise Moore is going alone with this social media hype stuff but it is the time of social media and if you don’t adjust you will be left behind. With Carmel starting quarterback - CG 28 Carmel 17. Without Carmel starting quarterback - CG 38 Carmel 7
  11. Will CG be that team with a bunch of individuals that does not come together as a team and end up with less than successful game/season? From a couple of interviews that Moore gave it is one of his concerns this season .
  12. For me it is the use of the term 'point spreads' because when I hear this term I instantly think of gambling. If the wording of 'Week 1 Favorites' was used I think there would be less objection to this thread.
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