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  1. I believe that GS Could use some more conditioning. Especially if you are going to run players both ways. Not weight training, conditioning. Heritage Hills players, didnt even look tired put on the field.
  2. With Hart playing some players both ways, the longer the Patriots control the ball the more missed blocks there will be on Offense. The way the patriots like to control the clock, I can see them ruling the game. To hard to give a score.
  3. Jr Titans

    PAC Week 4

    That answers the question about this years D-line being as good as 2015's.
  4. Just passed some more portable bleachers rolling into the Jewel.
  5. I think you will still see passing from both sides. Even with the rain.
  6. That refing crew does need a IHSAA review. I have never seen anything like them. Will give cuddos to the play of VL though. Toole is definatly a player. He might have went wild on a dry field but so would have our defense.
  7. So the count down to game time has begun.😎
  8. Shooting HH can pull off a big upset. We all no they have it in them. They just need to rely on fundamentals and do what they do best. Rooting for the PAC brothern.
  9. Man, cannot believe this slipped to page 2. Just had to bump it up!!!
  10. Jr Titans

    PAC 2017

    Had to bring this thread back to page 1
  11. It also will depend on that fine zebra crew, we always run into at the jungle.
  12. Humble pie, is what was served to the Titans tonight. Had quit a few boys get banged up to. Having to play 4 quarters is always a good thing, for conditioning for later in the season. It was a good game. Both teams had their ups and downs and wanted that W. Titan Pride, sounds like you are losing that Pride? With your last comment!