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  1. I heard hurricane like weather. Up to 60 MPH winds and rain. You guys should probably just play it safe and stay home.
  2. My gut feeling tells me this is going to be a slug fest. I would be surprised if either team scores over 20 points.
  3. TitanPride

    2018 MSC-PLAC

    Calpreps picked Henderson County over GS last week and was right. They were completely off on the score but did pick the correct team to win.
  4. IMO if the tournament started today I think 3A south would have a blue and white semi state with a catholic team winning that game. I am hoping that my Titans prove me wrong.
  5. TitanPride

    Big 8 Week 5

    Somebody started tailgating a little early this week.
  6. Do you think we can keep it that close?
  7. TitanPride

    New Turf In 2018

    Yes, still kicking and still owns Tri-State speedway. He also owns the Midwest Sprint Car Series now.
  8. TitanPride

    New Turf In 2018

    I will have to check it out also @Lysander. Tommy Helfrich is the reason I got into racing. Followed that man to a many of racetracks. Thanks for sharing.
  9. TitanPride

    PAC Week 4

    Per CalPreps, Yes I know it doesn't mean a thing. I just thought it was interesting. It has been a while since they have had GS as the underdog during the regular season. [2018] Forest Park (Ferdinand, IN) 26, [2018] Tecumseh (Lynnville, IN) 22 [2018] Henderson County (Henderson, KY) 31, [2018] Gibson Southern (Fort Branch, IN) 27 [2018] Heritage Hills (Lincoln City, IN) 21, [2018] Jasper (IN) 17 [2018] Owensboro Catholic (Owensboro, KY) 52, [2018] South Spencer (Rockport, IN) 17 [2018] Tell City (IN) 38, [2018] Pike Central (Petersburg, IN) 3 [2018] Southridge (Huntingburg, IN) 46, [2018] North Posey (Poseyville, IN) 22
  10. TitanPride

    The PAC Conference 2018

    I would be happy with a petition to get all non conference games moved to the first two games of the year.
  11. TitanPride

    PAC Week 4

    ??????????? It will be close until the opening kickoff.
  12. TitanPride

    GID Poll Week 3

    Memorial is the still undefeated 3A champ. No reason why they are not #1
  13. TitanPride

    AP Poll Week 3

    I agree with just about all your picks.
  14. TitanPride

    AP Poll Week 3

    You may be correct. I thought the overrated part was in reference to the 3a SW Indiana team(GS).
  15. TitanPride

    AP Poll Week 3

    I don’t have any. They are a good team ranked in the top 10 in week 3. Anybody ranked in the top 10 in week 3 should be happy they are getting some love. Not sure why WhoDat thinks they should be ranked higher in week 3 because he won’t tell anyone why he thinks that they should. Did I also mention this is week 3 and no one really knows anything about anyone yet.