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  1. I agree 100% but I think most will disagree.
  2. For the record I am all for a qualification seeded based tournament. I love the idea of having districts but it will never happen. There are too many schools that love hanging conference banners up year after year. If you are going to make this work you are going to have to come up with a way to do it around the current schedules that teams play or IMO it will never get voted in.
  3. Thanks Dave for starting the thread. I was impressed by the Patriots in the first meeting by the way their defense swarmed to the ball. The Titans will have to be on top of their game and match the emotional and physical play that the Patriots will bring if they want a chance to take down the PAC champs.
  4. TitanPride

    Sectional 32

    I believe I said that Bosse would give Boonville fits and you thought I was crazy... lol
  5. TitanPride

    SIAC Sectionals Round 1

    I agree about not putting too much stock in JV schedules, I just stated that because when we can, we schedule teams that give us a challenge. You may be correct. Just going by what I have told.
  6. TitanPride

    SIAC Sectionals Round 1

    Son, those chicken brats are starting to effect your thinking? The only reason that GS doesn’t play any SIAC school is because the SIAC plays their non conference games the first 2 games of the season and the PAC has us scheduled for conference games those two weeks and neither conference is willing to change that. You might want to checkout our JV schedule sometime.
  7. TitanPride

    Sectional 32

    I will take the under if we are placing bets. Lol
  8. TitanPride

    Big 8 Week 9

    You do realize that Memorial scored 20 points in the first quarter against Harrison don’t you.
  9. TitanPride

    Big 8 Week 9

    Wasn't at the game so don't know what happened. My question is, was the offensive person engaged in blocking a defensive player when another defensive player hit him below the waist or did a defensive player just cut block the offensive player below the waist without the offensive player being engaged with another block?
  10. TitanPride

    PAC week 9

    Congratulations Heritage Hills on the PAC title.
  11. I’m not sure I would agree with that. The lines looked pretty even to me. I think that was probably on of the best games that GS has played all year and I think SR was a little off tonight. Just my opinion but if GS would of played all their games this year like they did tonight they would be 9-0. SR will be a tuff out for anyone in the playoffs. Good luck the rest of the way Raiders.
  12. TitanPride

    Best Chances for 2018 Title

    LOL... Great guy. Have you found someone to take his place after his boy graduates this year?
  13. TitanPride

    Best Chances for 2018 Title

    Apparently that is the food of choice for some tiger fans.
  14. TitanPride

    Best Chances for 2018 Title

    No, @tango just wants to come to the Jewell to get some good bratwurst. He is tired of eating chicken brats...lol
  15. TitanPride

    Best Chances for 2018 Title

    You are probably correct, that is if there are not any upsets. We can discuss that on Nov. 9th on Elm Street.