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  1. I have been curious about this as well. When I was in school (graduated GS in 1992) the banner in the gym for conference champs had PAC 1974 and Big 8 1983. Those teams were also represented with pictures in the trophy case. There was never a mention of winning a conference in 1975. Don't know when or how it changed. The school website has 1974 and 1975 for PAC and I think it is also on the new banners in the gym.
  2. Congrats Joe! Good luck up there!
  3. Look at 1991. Big 8 was loaded. Jasper and Vincennes were good and Boonville had a very good team with Wolfe and Ward and the Tell City team with the Spencer boys was very good. GS beat South Spencer that year 10-7. The Rebels went on to win the PAC and GS went 4-6. We dropped out of the Big 8 that year. Played the Big 8 schedule in 1992 but that was our last year as members. Always wondered what we could have done in the PAC.
  4. Really made the playoffs fun in Illinois. Getting the team together to watch the seeding show was like the NCAA. Plus made week 9 a meaningful game.
  5. tiravoluki

    Princeton vs Mt. Carmel

    Wow! Turns out to have been a great game. Princeton had it tied 35-35 in the 4th before Mt. Carmel pulled away to win 47-35.
  6. tiravoluki


    Yet another great day to be a Titan!
  7. 1990 Mater Dei. Won sectional and regional that year. I can still remember the 0-8 and going to state. Finished 4-9.
  8. In 1992 Gibson Southern beat Jasper on the road 7-6 on a 99 yd interception returned for a touchdown by Ryan Anslinger. What added to the whole thing was that GS was 0-6 at the time and playing a Big 8 schedule for the last time before moving to the PAC the next year.
  9. Will this option still be available to those of who are are out of state coaches?
  10. tiravoluki

    K-8 Schools In Indiana

    Owensville, Haubstadt, and Ft. Branch are all K-8 in the South Gibson School Corporation (Gibson Southern).
  11. tiravoluki

    3-way scrimmage ? ? ?

    Any word on why VL backed out? I see they are scheduled for Owen Valley next year.
  12. tiravoluki

    All-Wabash Valley All-Star Game

    The schools involved in this game are ones whose coaches are part of the Wabash Valley Coaches Association. The head coaches from those schools are the ones who select the players in a similar way in which all conference teams are selected. I have heard that the organization at one time was trying to get other schools to get involved. Vincennes Lincoln being one (though they have dropped off in recent years). I am not totally sure, but I think the teams involved have more to do with the coaches at those schools wanting to be in it more than anything else. Though I would also say that most are in the Terre Haute media market. It would be great to see the Evansville area get one of these going. Involve teams from the tri-state area of Indiana, Illinois, and Kentucky.
  13. We have quite of bit of co-ops in Illinois. Mainly because of the number of smaller schools due to the lack of consolidation. When they do co-op the IHSA combines their enrollments. There is a school district over here that recently agreed to allow a smaller one to co-op but the kids from the other school would have to pay something like a $300 fee for equipment and transport costs. I understand with school budgets as they are this being a thing but what if you were a coach on this team and you had two kids close in ability. Would you play the one who paid $300 to play or the kid who did not pay because he attends the school in the district that you work for?
  14. tiravoluki

    2011 PAC

    Any word on how my Titans will be?
  15. tiravoluki

    Tell City Coach Resigns

    Any ideas on where they may go with this?