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  1. The Ballhawk

    sectional 42

    The Knights will get one more week to their season to set up the rematch with Pioneer.
  2. The Ballhawk

    Hoosier Conference 2017

    That field was something else. Very nice. Had a great conversation with your 'interim' coach. He did let us in on who the secret visitor was to practice. Apparently it was an old college friend of Coach Wright at Sheridan. Great stories about the two of those old timers.
  3. The Ballhawk

    D3 College Cancels Remainder of season

    Just for clarity, St. Joseph's College closed, the football program did not shut down. The closure of the college had absolutely zero to do with the football program. The story is concerning, but I feel they should really take a long look at 8-man football at the high school level and give them a separate class. But this is Indiana, where they are very slow to change.
  4. The Ballhawk

    sectional 42

    North Miami over South Newton. If they don't win by a bunch, they have absolutely no shot to win this sectional. Saw NM scrimmage before the season. They're good, not great by any means. Tri County over LCC. I believe in those kids, and most importantly, they believe in themselves and each other. Win or lose, they will represent themselves well. Pioneer over Carroll. The Cougars size and offense may give the Panthers some trouble, but not enough to gain the victory. Frontier over North White. I'd rather watch the Directv message about Channel 13 not being on the air than watch this game. The winner earns the right to be slaughtered by Pioneer next Friday.
  5. The Ballhawk

    Hoosier Conference 2017

    I checked in on occasion but never posted. Things haven't really changed much on here. Have made a lot of road trips the past three years or so to North Newton, Tri County and Delphi following the sons around. Looking forward to Friday. Think the Cavs can compete, just hope they aren't in awe of the Knights and the tradition. They have a really great group of kids and it has been fun being around them. As for sleeping on a couch just for a free breakfast, I can't do it this weekend as I have to take the Mrs. to the airport Saturday morning for a business trip. Maybe another Friday.
  6. The Ballhawk

    Hoosier Conference 2017

    Looking forward to the visit. Hope everyone is doing well.
  7. The Ballhawk

    Hoosier Conference 2017

    Doing good. Retired from coaching, except for Friday nights at TC. I'll be on the sidelines Friday, trying to help as much as I can and staying out of the way. The boy is a good coach. He's got a really bright future. He's done a really good job with his kids.
  8. The Ballhawk

    Hoosier Conference 2017

    Hire that kid at Tri County. I heard he's a good Catholic kid.
  9. If the weather denies And the Ballhawk flies The Saturday thrill Wagonmaster to kill!
  10. Have they ever approached St. Francis about using their field? Is that even something that either side would consider?
  11. The Ballhawk

    Pretty Cool Story out of New Pal

    Great story. Who said there's no crying in football? This is what sports can do in the much bigger picture.
  12. Thinking the same thing. To quote Mitch Daniels in the IHSAA commercial: "I'm definitely a fan!"
  13. Is that similar to "if my aunt had nuts she'd be my uncle"?
  14. The Ballhawk

    HNAC Week #5 Picks

    Let me clarify for those that need everything spelled out for them. "than anyone on Pioneer's schedule so far'. I did check through week 4. Good luck getting your backsides thumped this week. Every quality team you've played has doubled down on you. You can start thumping your chest with your schedule from week 6-9. That will get you ready for a quick tourney exit. As for LCC, they are in 1A because that is where their enrollment places them. I'd bet you 1A is every bit as strong as 2A this season, so what's the difference?
  15. The Ballhawk

    HNAC Week #5 Picks

    No dog in this fight, but RC is probably of higher quality than anyone on Pioneer's schedule. I'm sorry for the Panther fans, but I'd give you at least 28 points vs. LCC. I'd love to be proven wrong, but I believe they are on a whole 'nother level than the rest of 1A.