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  1. On 4/14/2023 at 6:04 PM, HoopsCoach said:

    Jeff fits competitively in the NCC in most sports.  They will ignore the travel time and abandon their Tippecanoe County neighbors because they see the opportunity to be the top dog in the NCC for football.  They will compete just fine in basketball and most other sports.  

    Harrison was the only true target of this move.  Jeff was on board with it because they don’t like that Harrison has leap frogged them in every sport including boys basketball and football.  McCutcheon hasn’t and would honestly be a good fit to stay in the NCC.  I think the NCC schools even asked McCutcheon to stay but they were loyal to their district sibling.

    The problem for Harrison and McCutcheon is that they want to be a package deal, but there aren’t many schools that would want both of them in their conference.  Harrison’s enrollment has grown at a faster rate than McCutcheon’s and their athletic programs are stronger across the board.  McCutcheon might struggle in some conferences that would take Harrison, but Harrison may not get much competition in conferences that are a better fit for McCutcheon.

    In my opinion, this could have been avoided by taking a more progressive approach.  Expand the conference to include a blend of the current members and some slightly smaller schools within the NCC footprint.  Conference championships really don’t mean anything, they are just used to keep some people quiet when a team underachieves in the state tournament.  “Well, we did win conference….”  Anyway, my thought would be to add several schools to get to 16 members.  Split into 2 regions (East and West), each with two divisions (Large and Small).   Like this, with enrollments from the fall 2022 count day included.

    East Region, Large Division:

    Anderson 1790

    Marion 1041

    Muncie Central 1326

    Richmond 1317

    East Region, Small Division:

    Delta 786

    Mississinewa 791

    New Castle 836

    Yorktown 791

    West Region, Large Division:

    Harrison 2136

    Kokomo 1497

    Lafayette Jeff 2113

    McCutcheon 1825

    West Region, Small Division:

    Lebanon 1027

    Logansport 1241

    Western 819

    West Lafayette 730

    In football, each school plays the 3 in their division, 2 from the other division in their region, and 1 from each of the 2 divisions on the opposite side of the conference.  That gives each school 7 conference games.  It also allows them to preserve some long-time rivalries and still play 2 non-conference games against opponents of their choice.  In basketball, each team plays everyone in their region (east/west) and the 4 schools from the opposite side of the conference who play in the same size-based division.  So using Harrison as an example, they would play their division (Jeff, McCutcheon, Kokomo), region (Lebanon, Logan, Western, West Lafayette), and the East Large schools (Anderson, Marion, Muncie Central, Richmond).  New Castle would play their division (Delta, Mississinewa, Yorktown), region (Anderson, Marion, Muncie Central, Richmond), and the West Small schools (Lebanon, Logan, Western, West Lafayette).  I think this would serve a lot of the interests of all schools in the expanded NCC.  The toothpaste is already out of the tube though, and many of these schools would not go for this anyway.

    So where do they go?  I don’t have a clue.  Conference Indiana might make sense if it wasn’t so far to travel for the current members.  Adding Harrison and McCutcheon would bring the conference to 8 members, which is ideal.  It also has a mix of schools that would fit the competitive level of McCutcheon (Southport, THN, THS) and schools that would compete better with Harrison (BL North, BL South, and CN).  Those schools probably won’t even consider adding Harrison and McCutcheon due to travel, and the current members seem to be looking for other places to go already.  Another possibility is to partner with the Indy parochial schools in the Circle City Conference.  If they look north, they would fit nicely in the Duneland. Travel would be a concern with the added factor of time zone changes, and the Duneland schools probably have no desire to expand.  The Mid-State would be ok also, but like the Duneland, I don’t think they want more than 8 members.

    This is a very solid plan. I think those HHC teams would do well in a situation such as that, and that actually shortens some of their travel times, as it does for the bigger schools. I think it also helps prepare all of them for the tournament, especially in football and basketball. Most of the schools in the purposed eastern division already play each other frequently anyhow. 

  2. 20 minutes ago, HoosierFB_JG said:

    Ben Davis will bring in national power IMG Academy on September 8, replacing Center Grove on their 2023 schedule.

    BD has a loaded roster this upcoming year, but IMG will be an incredible challenge.

    Is there an article to verify this? I think IMG isn't apart of the FHSAA...I think that would make them ineligible to compete against BD. Could be wrong. 

  3. 1 hour ago, NE8Fan said:

    19. (8): Angola, Columbia City, DeKalb, East Noble, Fort Wayne South Side, Fort Wayne Wayne, Leo, New Haven

    5 NE8 teams in the same sectional with close to possibly 6 if Norwell would have went 4A.   Is this the most conference teams that are in the same sectional in the state?

    The EIAC in sectional 32 has 6 teams. SD and L'Burg will inevitably play week 9 and 10. 

  4. 11 hours ago, Lysander said:

    I”ll ask the same (apparently idiotic) question I’ve been asking since this whole debate started.  

    Just why can’t the adjustment be made until the end of the two year period (at the end of next year) as it should have been done normally?  

    Why the urgency to make bumps/drops/adjustments a year early?

    If I were a conspiracy guy I would say that its all because the IHSAA just couldn’t wait to bump Cathedral to 6A and had to validate that decision somehow…..but then I’m no conspiracy guy…..

    With that, I’m as ticked off as anybody about Chatard getting moved down to 3A.  I really thought they could make a deep run in 4A this year….almost certainly next year (if they could have stayed “up”).  Still, 3A has been a heckuva class the last few years and, apparently, Chatard is back in it.  

    Looks like only Memorial will have the honor of pulling off the 3A/4A championship run for the time being.  

    I'll tell you, as a coach at a 3A school, that has been shrinking for the last several years, we are tired of having an enrollment of ~680 and facing schools with enrollment of 1100+. Presumably a few other schools in similar situations, so we are pretty pumped about the change. 

  5. South Dearborn High School in Aurora, Indiana is looking to host 3 teams for a 7v7 on Wednesday, June 15th from 5p-7p on the turf field. This will be a light competition, each team will compete with each other for 30 minutes. (15 min offense/ 15min defense) Any Interested teams, please contact myself (kenny.higgins@sdcsc.k12.in.us) or HC Rand Ballart (rand.ballart@sdcsc.k12.in.us)

    SD football boosters will provide hot dogs, chips and water for visiting teams following the competition.

  6. On 3/15/2022 at 9:56 AM, 812 Observer said:

    If EC was to change conferences would the rest of their sports follow? I think that's the reason they haven't left yet. The other EIAC schools are competitive if not better than EC in other sports. I think the out of conference schedule is working well for them now. More times than not they make a deep playoff run in football. 

    I believe there's a conference bylaw that requires all or nothing.

  7. On 3/5/2022 at 4:34 AM, XStar said:

    Woke up and couldn't fall back asleep so I took a shot at the 3A sectionals based on your map.  No matter how you slice it, there's a least one bastard sectional that doesn't really fit together very well.  In this case, it's 30 that stretches both northeast and southeast from Indy.  Of course, if you switch out just a couple of schools the whole thing could be organized very differently.   

    25 (8)- Andrean, Boone Grove, Calumet, Culver, Griffith, Hanover Central, Knox, Twin Lakes

    26 (8) - Bremen, Clay, Fairfield, Jimtown, John Glenn, Lakeland, Marian, Tippecanoe Valley

    27 (7) - Belmont, Concordia, Garrett, Heritage, Luers, West Noble, Woodlan

    28 (8) - Crawfordsville, Maconaquah, North Montgomery, Northwestern, Oak Hill, Peru, West Lafayette, Western Boone

    29 (8) - Danville, Indian Creek, Monrovia, Owen Valley, Purdue Polytechnic, Speedway, Tri West, West Vigo

    30 (8) - Batesville, Delta, Franklin County, Greensburg, Guerin Catholic, Hamilton Heights, Rushville, Yorktown

    31 (8) - Charlestown, Corydon Central, Lawrenceburg, Madison, North Harrison, Salem, Scottsburg, South Dearborn

    32 (8) - Gibson Southern, Heritage Hills, Lincoln, Mater Dei, Mount Vernon, Princeton, Southridge, Washington

    I would be in utter shock, if they split up L'burg, South Dearborn and Madison from the rest of the 3A EIAC schools. (I know Madison isn't in the EIAC)... Just makes too much sense geographically to have them all together. 

  8. 25 minutes ago, Old Man High Pants said:

    This goes back to the Big School / Small School. To me a conference should be a conference. The only reason I can see for splitting up into divisions would be to have a North/South or East/West divide to cut down on travel time and open up more opportunities for out of conference games. 

    Oh no that makes total sense, and I agree, I was simply saying if they want to continue this format, it would need to be revamped heavily. Based on those new enrollment numbers, only one team in the conference will be in the 4A division. EC

  9. 2 hours ago, Old Man High Pants said:

    If a team wants to play them out of conference that's one thing. Being forced to play a team year after year knowing you're going to win isn't going to do much for your program. Take East Central out of the equation, adding Jennings County and Madison now gives a team like Lawrenceburg two more games that won't do anything for them in the playoffs.

    Lawrenceburg wouldn't be required to play those schools, East central doesn't currently play all the conference teams, only the ones in the 4A "division".

    The difference between Lburg and EC is that EC is the odd man out population wise in the EIAC, Lburg fits with the rest of the EIAC size wise. 


    The entire conference structure will likely have to be revamped with most of the schools falling to the 3A class

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