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  1. I would be suprised if there is any word on a coach before the March deadline at Heritage Hills.
  2. Congrats for Bob and it will be fun to hear who they bring in to replace a coach like coach clayton.
  3. the current is system is perfect. Everyone has a chance to win. Oh well if you end up with that first round game of the two best teams in the sectional playing each other. Just means you have an early exciting game.
  4. pac

    Andrean @ NorthWood

    [quote name='jayo' post='442961' date='Nov 11 2008, 04:54 AM']I'm a little confused as to how Andrean got beat soundly by a 3-7 Kankakee Valley team and then hammered respectable teams like NP and Knox?! Have they improved that much? As a side note, they finished the regular season at 3-6......does that ring a bell with any of you panther fans?[/quote] They were without there starting qb against kv from what I heard, and their backup was not good against knox. they even brought back in their starting qb late in the game.
  5. They played Evansville North many years back. They dropped Evansville North when Gibson Southern joined back into the conference. They are 12-3 since then against Evansville schools in the playoffs. Not to shabby.
  6. At Heritage Hills Middle School they play every kid that comes out for the team. As any coach at any level they want to win every game but they will make sure they play every kid even if it means that they may then lose that game. You never know who are going to be your best players in high school. Plus the you gain some experience playing in a game. This is a perfect example. Somtime's they win, sometimes they loose, but they do it playing everybody, and like others have said you don't know who is going to contribute at the high school level. If you don't play them in middle school, they quit, they get a growth spurt, don't play high school football, when if they had played they might of stayed and developed into a great football player. Being around that and seeing that at Heritage Hills I am trying to implement it at where I am at now. One coach only believes in winning and developing the 11-12 best players and using the rest for scraps. Well then you end up with 2-3 of them not even going out for high school and you have 10-12 all together from that class. Its not always about winning, but developing. That is where you see the state's best programs, through development. You have that year in and year out you will have a great team.
  7. lets get back to the game talk, that is what this is for, who cares about catholic, private, public so forth lets just have a fun game and get back to talking about game things on here.
  8. Here are the predictions just for fun..... 5A - Penn vs. Warren Central - Penn wins for the first time since 2000 4A - Cathedral vs. Fort Wayne Dwenger - Cathedral wins this for a repeat 3A - Tippecanoe Valley vs. Heritage Hills - Tippecanoe Valley wins state here 2A - Jimtown vs. Evansville Mater Dei - Mater Dei likes being away from HH, but will not beat the high power Jimmies 1A - Sheridan vs. Perry Central - Sheridan wins thanks in part to the quarterback
  9. pac

    Predictions At Dome

    I tell you after watching Chatard beat the Patriots, I do not expect a close game in the state finals, only thing that hurts chatard, is they might be beat up a little bit, because it probably was their most physical game they played since Elder. I also see Roncalli pulling it out, as much as I hate to say it, because I am not a catholic school fan, but Jasper was their toughest opponent. I also see Warren Central pulling it out, all you have to say is 55-3 over LN, a team that beat our team 66-6. I would love to see North Posey pull out the win again, they are very capable, that Heritage Hills game and both South Spencer games will help them out in state. Finally, I would like to see Knightstown win, just because Perry Central is out now.
  10. your right, but there has to be that one ignorant person in the state out there that has to start something.
  11. Just like Dave said Heritage Hills has one of the best coaching staffs in the state of Indiana. Year in year out Heritage Hills is always playing deep into the playoffs, and usually when they meet Chatard they have over half less kids to work with. Yes coach made a gutsy call, and maybe he kicks himself for it, but it does not mean that he is not as good of a coach as Chatards, I think he actually is better being able to work with fewer kids. As well as Holland was running last night any head coach would more then likely go for two. Look at Knightstown, they went for two and won, had they not gotten it, would it made the Knightstown coach a bad coach, no, right now he is on top of the world, just like Clayton would be with everyone on this forum had we beaten Chatard last night with that two point conversion.
  12. well champ like always, it does not matter who played who in the regular season, it comes down to who will perform better on Saturday night, and let me remind you, the Pocket Athletic Conference has two teams still left, which is more then most conferences if not all of them.
  13. "Everyone knows that the best football coaches pay 6 bucks to get in and sit in the stands. They have all the answers and are never responsible for a loss." Of course the fans are the best coaches, you know when they say run this play and that play, although they for the most part have no idea what is good to run or not, or what the philosophy is, I found this to be true with a lot of the IPS parents, in my first year coaching, I couldn't believe how many parents thought they knew what to do, and thought they were getting paid to coach, by trying to coach from the stands, completely different from what the coaches wanted the kids to do.