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  1. Bud Wright still says that....last I heard....after talking to a long time assistant coach on the phone 10 minutes ago. Had to ask him....since this just popped up. What does Bud know, though?
  2. Personally, I'm good with hippies if they are farmers.
  3. Love GS, actually do (probably more than I should)....all we KNOW is what happened. But then, I'm a troglodyte. You should see the Mrs.....
  4. I'd paint most anything. Let's not mention the word "Cox" while I'm still incarcerated with Bubba, though. I'm sure he's well intended......he keeps telling me that....anyway.
  5. Sounds like my personal hygiene from Friday AM until Monday Morning.
  6. Tell that to the Johnson County Sheriff....
  7. Being a truck stop kid, I had to study all this stuff between fill-ups and steel mills...met lots of chicks though....at least they said they were. No surprise, though, that you would relate to a French artist. How's that Taylor Swift Fan Club thing going for ya' MR. COUNTRY?
  8. Heh...heh...maybe so. Honest to God....watching it, I kept thinking who's on the QB!!? Not once.....but twice! Got to admit, I was all about East Central....but that Evansville Central team was a totally different team this year. They played straight up. Totally enjoyed watching the game.
  9. The game, in the end, (as I recall) was won (in large part) because East Central spread out and ignored the QB and allowed him to RUN for 40+ (Maybe as much as 60) yards on 2 carries in the last series.
  10. Not looking good right now - I've been salivating at the thought of Tango's Cajun delicacies for days. Unfortunately, my parole officer only allows me in immediately surrounding counties. I did give it a shot, though. After I finished mowing the Broad Ripple field, I needed a few days head start. Tried to shoot the barricades at the Johnson County line....just couldn't pull it off, though. Needed a couple more horses. The worst part was they confiscated my Skoal stache in the trailer (bad camouflage on my part). It was going to be an even longer trip since I apparently have to skirt Gibson County these days (it would recently appear). I just couldn't shake the snow and icestorm that seemed to be following me.....God forbid, didn't want to bring it their way....again. Was planning on staying away from Spencer County as much as I could....somehow Patriot74 would have no doubt found it "disrespectful" if I'd passed through...…………………………...somehow...………….somehow. If "being disrespected" could be put on canvas...….Patriot74 is Rembrandt. Man is a true artist....and I thought Dangerfield was a genius...….. Sure going to miss the Cajun, though...these bologna sandwiches at the Marion County lockup are Gawdawful….let's not even talk about how my "roomie" here tells me CONSTANTLY how "sexy" I look in orange....
  11. Ohhhhh.......good God! Hide the women and children! I hope all is well!
  12. God knows I'm not going to "spit into the wind"....did that in an anchor leg back in the day at Milan (see that "underdog" thing I did there...true story, though)...fortunately I was wearing glasses.
  13. Errr….rather looks to me as if EM is the favorite and Chatard the underdog on a neutral field.....a rather big underdog since the game is not on a neutral field and being played on Friday. I'm thinking George Orwell is prescient as to his comments (no surprise since Orwell was). Still don't know who this Holtz guy is everyone talks about..... BTW, I heard someone (a Heritage Hills guy) infer (rather strongly) a couple of weeks ago that the IHSAA always seems to have these games in Indy. Lest I am mistaken, this year Chatard has had 2 home games in playoffs and this will be EM's 4th home game. I think EM has played 1 away game.
  14. To be clear, no one will ever mistake me for being a Brebeuf booster but Chatard played them 1st game of the season. It seems like Brebeuf is a team that generally gets significantly better as the season goes on..which baffles me a bit because they don't have a lot of depth and would seem to be vulnerable to the nicks and bangs of the regular season. For a 3A team, they play one of the toughest schedules in the State. Brebeuf at season end is usually levels of magnitude better than Brebeuf at the start of the season....at least it seems that way.
  15. Yes it is. Quite a bit Northeast of Indy....about 1/2 way between Indy and Ft. Wayne.