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  1. Lysander

    Mr Football

    To a point his ability to compete at that level across all classes in track ought to take away a lot of questions (if there are any) about just how good an athlete/football player he is. I recognize it's a different sport but his bona fides as a State level athlete overall ought not be questioned. If he is also on track to be Valedictorian that's amazing as well. Maybe the kid is selling popcorn during the half as Gipper suggested. I thought Anthrop should have been Mr. Football a few years ago, maybe Kiser can finally break through for 1A. Then there is his older brother Zack. Not sure there is a more consistently dominant O lineman in the NFL the last few years.
  2. @FooBird good luck to your kids tonight. BTW, my POS phone (that I am too cheap to replace) has not been allowing me to get into the GID since last week..so if anyone is posting scores from this game it will have to be you. I do think (could be wrong) its being broadcast on 1070 AM...thought i heard that somewhere. Good luck to all the CCC team tonight, btw.
  3. Guess I didn't realize that Southport and CN were that big (or that Chatard was that small relative to all the other schools). I very much like the cross-conference games and it fills in a lot of gaps for all of the schools. I would like to see it continue. I think the CCC is pretty healthy as a self-contained conference as it stands. If the cross-conference football games solve some problems for everyone why not keep it as it is? Look, I'd like nothing better than to see Chatard compete for a championship with these larger schools but that's being pretty myopic. As to merging the conferences (as fun as the football match-ups are), I think a lot of the problems have been pointed out. Full merger would call for 12 schools. That's a problem all by itself. Edit - BTW, DT, I think you are the last guy on here still talking about the multiplier.
  4. Lysander

    Mr Football

    Unfortunately, lineman need not apply (only 1 has ever won). More than a few times in Indiana the best player has been a lineman.
  5. Yes. That seems to get forgotten in all of this. I don't think the CCC has any plan or desire to abandon them....nor should they. All 6 of the current CCC schools were looking for a home for some time - so they made one. Ritter was asked - they declined. Don't know about Scecina but I have to assume they were approached. Scecina's last football game against Chatard was in 2010. They opted out after that season - the game had been lopsided for a few years and I don't think they believed they were really getting much out of it at that time.
  6. Why is the only fun and entertaining thread anymore either an SIAC or PAC thread? Maybe that should be a topic. Edit: OK, the EIAC threads are insanely funny, I think, (and I am from there) but I somehow lost the ability to speak the language in my old age.
  7. errr....until you catch it it's just a pig. Sorry, have to step out. Apparently, my hog-farmer wife is yelling at me about peeing in the yard (lot's of exasperated breathes from her ....serious stuff)....apparently it's worse than the dog. Hard to imagine.
  8. "Snow White" and friends has always been scintillating to me. I just couldn't sleep after watching "Bambi", though. Still a little teary-eyed. Guess it explains why I am a long time Disney Vacation Club Member. Love the magic.
  9. I spent last night watching the video art you and @Titan32 referenced. I literally, couldn't sleep...or stop. Didn't realize the guys at Central back in the day were such Disney fans.
  10. Yeah...several of us have hijacked it (clearly I have) but its an interesting conversation.
  11. I am only about 3/4 through myself. Feeling like a kid with the Old Man next to me reading it. Makes me wish we had gone to a lot more races together.
  12. 3A West Lafayette (public) would clean up if they went to 4A.
  13. Jeez...good for them. Thanks for checking. BTW, you checked out that Midwestern Racing Archives page yet?
  14. Lysander

    Mid-State 2018

    Could be interesting. Everyone I have ever met from Martinsville is a HUGE private school supporter. Should be a lovefest.