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  1. You must have been in the old "Scorpion" bar in Ft. Wayne...we probably shared a cell. Best live wrestling I ever saw.
  2. Anybody know where this game might be broadcast? My '90 Ford Probe broke down and the boss won't let me off work at the Sanitation plant.
  3. This was a great idea Temptation. Thanks for coming up with it. This really adds to my interest in other classes I normally would not follow as closely. Looking forward to the results tonight.
  4. IPS announced the school was being closed. Broad Ripple's last game ever was a Sectional game against Chatard at Broad Ripple last year. Chatard was up 48-0 when a fight broke out on the field...between Broad Ripple players. The fight went off the field with a Broad Ripple player punching a Broad Ripple Coach. Refs called the game and police escorted everyone off the field. Bizarre night and unfortunate...Broad Ripple deserved better given the great history of the school. Broad Ripple, in general, is booming as a retail center with much development occurring there for housing, etc. Chatard's field is 6-7 years old but only had adequate bleachers just this year to host football. Currently the home side bleachers are rentals...not permanent. Next year will be different. Even so, Chatard hosted all home games excepting Cathedral which was at Tech due to the expected large crowd size.
  5. My guess is that Broad Ripple remains verboten. Add that the school is closed...no idea if the field has been kept up. But hey, Chatard has their own field these days that seats more than Brebeuf...and Brebeuf has hosted a Semi-State in the past.
  6. Lysander

    SIAC Sectionals Round 1

    I think different schools treat JV games differently. Honestly, my experience is that JV games are often used to try somebody out at a different position, give some kids play time they have earned, etc., etc. Winning is nice but I absolutely don't put much stock in the results. Freshman games, though, I think they can tell you a little bit. That Southport game will be a GREAT game and test for you guys. They have been the opener for Roncalli for a fair number of years and generally provide a good measuring stick as to how good Roncalli is going to be.
  7. You'd think the AP guys would at least look at some (ANY) analytics before they vote - its not like they aren't ever behind a keyboard. Yet, they are always the worst poll. What drives me crazy is that in any TV or radio game coverage the commentators cite the AP as authoritative.
  8. Regardless, whatever I think of FC, I think you have to give ANYBODY more than 1 season.
  9. Lysander

    4A Postseason

    Nice summary. Like you, I am still dubious about Marion...but I was dubious about Kokomo last year too.
  10. That bit of news surprises me. Pushing out the "outsider" (Kennedy) and substituting one of their own seems the normal "City Father's" type of move for Brookville. Hard to believe they would walk it back so quickly.
  11. Lysander

    4A Postseason

    I am a big fan of what Coach Gillin has done at Mooresville and have some friends affiliated with the program. I think they may be the story of the year. As regards East Central, first, Sagarin only tracks Indiana schools as regards SOS. East Central played 2 Ohio teams that would have raised their SOS if tracked by Sagarin. Other than those 2 games, they play their conference with only the last game of the year being open. The last few years they have played either Chatard or Roncalli in that last game of the regular season but with the new CCC/CI schedule those games were not available to East Central. I'd suggest you look at where they rank on CalPreps regarding schedule to get a real feel. Even so, like many teams, they are trapped to an extent by their conference obligations. I still think EC is the team to beat in the South. I admit, I will be a little torn if they play Mooresville because of my connections there and the overall great story of Mooresville this year. Lest anyone forget, Evansville Central is still waiting in the wings.
  12. I won't give you too hard a time for that. I would probably say Cathedral is a little snootier version of Chatard...but why quibble? You say "Tomato.....". Chatard's schedule has never been a traditional one versus other 3A teams but in Coach L's last few years the schedule ratcheted up significantly...it has continued in that direction with Coach Doyle. Last I looked at CalPreps, they have actually played the 8th toughest schedule in the State this year. Covington Catholic was the highest nationally ranked team anyone has played from Indiana either in or out of state this year (based on the most recent CalPreps). With that, Chatard does get some nicks and sprains that sometimes are hard to take for a 3A team. I do like this schedule, though, and am hopeful that there will be kids drawn to play that level of competition. Coach Doyle has handled the transition splendedly but it's a very different team as regards offense these days. Still, it's Chatard...games often involve bumps and bruises. Its been fun to watch them.
  13. It just seems like yesterday (2012) when Ritter laid waste to everybody in their path including a Chatard team (that ended up winning State that year) fresh off beating Cathedral. Ritter was arguably the Indy parochial/private champ but ran into the freight train that was Luers in 2012. I had been hearing some thoughts from those long affiliated with Ritter that this time was coming for many of the reasons referred to above. It's unfortunate. Hopefully, things will turn around.
  14. Think there are 80-90 Sophs-Seniors on Varsity. Freshman team varies from the 30s up (I think they have had hair over 50 once or twice). Around 325-350 boys in the school 9-12. Around 1/3 of the boys play football.
  15. Lysander

    Sectional 32

    I think the only sideline gear that would have been helpful for either team that day was igloos.
  16. Lysander

    New Pal 84 Delta 13

    Oops...."second" game of the year.
  17. PLEASE....no new conference alignment suggestions. Forced to start this thread. So far the cross conference games between the two conferences favor the Circle City Conference 4-3. Pretty close. Three games remain between the two conferences. Brebeuf v Terre Haute North (assuming Brebeuf will do the right thing...hard to figure when it comes to Jesuits, though). Bloomington South has successive games against Roncalli and Chatard the last two weeks. Probably the biggest upset being Guerin defeating Columbus North. Good games. If I were a betting man I would bet the CCC goes 7-3 against Conference Indiana (assuming Chatard has someone who can still walk after Covington Catholic, Winton Woods, etc.). I am looking at Roncalli to get business done to hold up their end. Any distant possibility of trash talk? I might even participate (though against my nature) in this homogenized GID. C'mon @Olympian06, I know it's painful but tell me how Columbus North is the best team in the CCC/CI duel. Talk about "Cheatin' Catholics" (not your gig...admittedly) give me sumpthin'. Just trying to talk about football vs. conference realignments. Help a brother out.
  18. Lysander

    New Pal 84 Delta 13

    Don't necessarily disagree but they only play one good team...and its the first game of the year. Teams can grow in victory and defeat. We see that every year in the MIC. The nice thing about a soft season is that you generally don't lose kids to injury. The bad thing is that you often don't get better...not that they need to get better to win 5A.
  19. Lysander

    Center Grove @ New Pal

    Disagree - Michigan City will be the stiffest test...such as it might be.
  20. Lysander

    Center Grove @ New Pal

    Don't necessarily disagree. Brebuef is the poster boy most years as regards the difference between Week 1 and playoffs. Still, analytics live and die on the transitive. Admittedly, I am a big analytics guy BUT I often use the eyeball test (have to when it comes to SAC teams). If Cathedral survives the South and New Pal the North, I expect a good game. Lots of "ifs" there, though.
  21. Chatard defeated Bloomington South and Brebeuf defeated Terre Haute North this last week of the regular season. With tonight's results the Circle City Conference won 6 out of 10 games versus Conference Indiana. Can't get much closer than that. Nice match-ups. Looking forward to these games next year.
  22. Lysander

    Sectional 13

    Agreed. Unfortunately, Castle is a speedbump overall in 5A South. Its between Cathedral, Columbus East (I believe) and Decatur Central (possibly Martinsville). Cathedral can NEVER assume a win against Roncalli, though (even in a down year). Thinking Cathedral wins, though, in the South. North is going to be New Palestine unless Michigan City (who is totally legit) pulls it off. No other North team can pull it off.
  23. Lysander

    Sectional 32

    Sorry to interject, but there is no more fun on the GID than reading anything having to do with Southwest Indiana. Great teams, strong opinions/passions and often as not really funny and witty comments. Love reading SIAC and PAC posts. Really looking forward to the next few weeks. That said, the EIAC pages are the funniest stuff out there....I just don't get half the inside jokes.