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  1. FCM

    Wabash River Conference

    Week one results are posted. Will have week 2 games up tomorrow.
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    You got it, it's up and ready.
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    Shouldn't be to difficult, your are after all...El Conquistador!
  4. First off, Congrats EH, game well played, good luck at LOS! Linton, congrats on a great season, I watched as much as possible on the feed, but was having technical difficulties later in the game. Penalties and turnovers are hard to overcome, FC knows this all to well this season. But again, congrats on a fine season. I said it from about week 2, South Put or EH would be playing in LOS this year, I did think it would be South Put, but that again just proves how good EH is. I do think if EH plays like they are capable of, they will have a State Championship this year. As far as I noticed, EH got out of the game completely healthy? Anyways, great season all! Hope to see ya'll next season!
  5. Congrats to the Miners on a big win last night. Looking forward to the game this Friday night, although I have to work and can't make it, hope to catch it on the webcast.I know last time I was there Linton was a very gracious host, I would expect the same again.Should be a great game against two teams with much respect for each other. Should be one for the books! Good Luck to Linton and may the best team win.
  6. Congratulations to the Miners on a great win last night! Looking forward to next week with Linton and FC. Last time I was there was a great game, and the Linton Folk are fantastic hosts! Two teams with great respect for each other, should be a great game! Best of Luck next Friday, may the best team win!
  7. I am going to go out on a limb, and I believe it to be a fairly sturdy limb, South Putnam will be in Indy playing for a State Championship this year.
  8. 20-0 NV over Rockville, at the Half
  9. 49-0 FC over RP Enough of the FC score, still in 2nd quarter, will post final score.
  10. FC 21-0 RP NV 14-0 Rockville