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  1. Major Reisman

    Rest in Peace Coach Joe Goodman

    Joe had such a passion for Indiana high school football. He loved what the game had given to him and he wanted to pass that on to each and every coach that he came in contact with. He was a person that was open with his knowledge, all you had to do was ask...most times you didn’t even need to do that. He loved the game of football and will be missed by many, including myself. RIP COACH!
  2. Major Reisman

    Regional: Angola at Dwenger

    I don’t think it is “doable” if those schools in Michigan and Ohio within 30 minutes of the school don’t wish or agree to play Angola.
  3. Major Reisman


    I think 2008 should be out already and 2009 go out this year. 10 and out is the current helmet lifespan.
  4. Major Reisman

    Indianapolis Tech

    Can you fill us in on who will be the head coach of the IPS teams? Never mind, John Harrell has all of that information.
  5. I had heard that there was a head coaching change at Tech. Is that true or not? I know it was not listed on the coaching changes list. Just wondering.
  6. What sport within Indiana High School Sports CAN'T be helped by lifting?
  7. It was great to see other Regions represented besides 4. I know I saw coaches from Region 2, 7 and 8. Also, most of the Purdue staff and most of the Franklin staff was there. Thanks to everyone that had a hand in getting this clinic together. The tour of the new facility at Purdue was great. They have put together a first class facility that should help in recruiting, as long as the on field product continues to improve.
  8. The NCC will still be dominated by the 3 Lafayette area schools and the West will be better than the East. Still waiting to hear who Anderson hires to replace coach Brown. Will Kokomo still run the "phone booth" offense? Will Logansport improve in coach Johnson's 3rd year? Richmond had a much different team in 2016 vs 2017, beat Logansport by 50 then get beat by Logansport by 50. Will Marion continue to see the influx of Indianapolis athletes help their program? Tech, they may be the biggest question mark of the year, will they get a shot in the arm with the closing of other IPS school? Muncie Central...???? KV...interesting to see them mentioned in an NCC, North Central Conference, thread.
  9. Time zone aside, although very important, the distance to East Noble from Plymouth may be just as great as the distance from Northridge to New Prairie.
  10. Major Reisman

    17-18 Region 2 All-Stars

    Very nice for those boys. But, I don't recall Triton lining up with a TE very much, if at all. Of course, I didn't see every down of their games, but, I saw a large portion.
  11. How many multi-high school corp. are there in Indiana?
  12. Fort Wayne and Evansville schools do.