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  1. futbolfan

    Whiting getting screwed

    wheeler played Nolls "jv" Friday night. Noll had 24 kids dressed and 2 in street clothes.
  2. futbolfan

    HNAC Week 2

    How many players did Caston dress?
  3. other guy got the Nod cause mason wanted AD. lets not kid ourselves here.
  4. any update on Frontier? Are they still planning on jumping back into a varsity schedule week 3?
  5. futbolfan

    HNAC Week 1

    Ive seen both these teams... it will be a very close game. 27-21 Jays.
  6. How many did caston dress last night?
  7. if Caston did the right thing for all involved and cancelled their season, the teams in the GSSC could fill in for their varsity games. Or maybe Caston and Noll could just play every Friday night.
  8. I see teams are playing this school this fall, and I don't see anything on maxpreps. who are they?
  9. how good will Whiting be in 3 years when Hammond Clark as a turf field and Hammond kids stay home?
  10. futbolfan

    Coaching changes

    Did they move into the district?
  11. Has it ever happened that a head coach took a new job and brought his kid who's already in high school. Does ihsaa allow that?
  12. Wow, Wish him the best of luck. Whomever takes over has a good team awaiting him
  13. futbolfan

    Lowell vs East Central!

    BD OLine was young but some of them are getting recruited. One player even D1 prospect. And Lowell controlled the line of scrimmage. If EC is young and not being recruited big advantage Lowell
  14. futbolfan

    Lowell vs East Central!

    Especially if they have “no seniors” on the line. According to their coach no OLine player is getting recruited and if they are all juniors it is going to be a long night for EC