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  1. FYI to anyone NOT a Miner fan: Watch for Linton's #26 in the game tonight. I don't think he ever comes off of the field. He has a motor that NEVER stops and is a "footballer" in every sense of the word. He gives 110% on EVERY play! That's it for me. Time to hit the bricks. Safe travels for everyone to and from the game. GO MINERS!!! WIN 15!!!
  2. And the Miners lost their starting qb in the third quarter of the Sheridan game. Linton has lost a lot of starters due to injuries. Some have made it back while others haven't. It stinks losing players this time of the year, but you have to play with the cards you are dealt. NEXT MAN UP!!! GO MINERS!!! WIN 15!!!
  3. It made zero difference in the Sheridan or the Perry Central games. Both ended up rather one sided and those were both long bus trips on a "school day".
  4. Monty has spoken! Good to see you again, bro!
  5. EH's running game isn't just about Gilbert. They aren't exactly a "one trick pony". Sure he has a bazillion yards but Henderson and their qb also have about 1300+ yards between them. Even though Linton has 4 possible ball carriers on any given play, EH still has 3. Stopping Gilbert alone will leave the other 2 for possible big nights if the defense doesn't stay sharp and keep containment.
  6. Yep. Best of luck and good health to both teams tonight. Safe travels for everyone!
  7. Sounds a lot like Linton's offense the past few years. However, according to Maxpreps the top receiver for EH is Henderson (rb) with 32 catches. Gilbert has 12. Their top wr is Noel who has 13 catches (again according to Maxpreps). In Linton's spread offense the splits had a ton of catches. Even though I haven't seen any film on them, it would appear that EH mostly uses the spread to get space for their running game and they don't throw the ball downfield very much. Interesting.
  8. Because several of these kids have played on the defense since they were sophomores. They won't give up 40 points in a tournament game.
  9. No problem Placfan. You got me on those 2 years. I was in a hurry when I posted that and overlooked 1999 and 2000. Good catch. And thank you for pointing out Van Winkle's performance. He's been a stud at LB for the Miners the past couple of years. That third down sack he got last week against FC was HUGE! He's made many plays like that this season. With him and Rupska at the ILB spots, it gives an offense fits. Both very strong, both very physical and both very quick.
  10. Are you getting back for the game?
  11. You can "want" in one hand and poop in the other hand.......then see which one fills up the fastest. LOL It comes down to the defenses. Who gets more stops and WHEN they get those stops. There has only been one team EVER score 40 points in a tournament game against Linton - Sheridan did it in 1998. Linton's defense has only given up 17 points in each of the past 2 semi-state games to Scecina. You know? THAT Scecina who is now in 2A? The only other team to score 30 on a Miner defense in the tournament was in 2008 against Ritter. You know Ritter.... who just beat Scecina in last week's 2A 37/38 regional? Eastern Hancock is a stat machine no doubt. Linton has been there, done that. Stats don't win titles. Defense wins titles. Always has, always will.
  12. Linton's defense will give up 41 points to Eastern Hancock? Even though they gave up only 17 points in each of the last 2 semi-states to Scecina? Interesting prediction. Linton has only given up 40 points in the tournament once.....and that was to Sheridan in 1998. They gave up 30 to Ritter in the 2008 semi-state. Both Ritter and Scecina play in 2A now. In fact they played in last week's regional. Again, that's a very interesting prediction.
  13. FYI: Eastern Hancock's "stud" running back is Spencer Gilbert. He has 235 carries for 2,629 (according to Maxpreps). He's averaging 202+ yards per game this season. Only Colton Lengacher from North Daviess has more total rushing yards and Lengacher has been out of the tournament since week 11. Lengacher, Hoover, Van Schoyck, LeClere, and now Gilbert. Week in, week out the naysayers are always telling the Miners what they can't do with a certain team. Every week, they strap it up and win. Maybe it isn't always "pretty" but the bottom line is it's always been a "W".
  14. Since some people like to put a lot of stock into strength of schedule, here are the rankings of the four semi-state teams this week: #1 Linton-Stockton #219 #2 Eastern Hancock #262 #3 Winamac #288 #4 Tri-Central #295 The rankings are out of 324 teams that played football this season.
  15. And not only that, it would seem that some people think Linton's offense can't outscore anyone either. It is still the defense that wins the championships, make no mistake about it. Who can get the stops when they count........that's who wins this game. Same as last week. WIN 15!!!