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  1. Proudparent74

    2014 Sagamore

    I feel the game Friday night against WEBO will be another close one. I know that not everyone is thinking this is going to be easy. I think TW beats WEBO.
  2. Proudparent74

    2014 Sagamore

    Tri west is playing for alot this week. I think it's going to be the best game we've had in over a month but we will defeat brebruf. Hoping for a WEBO win as well.
  3. Proudparent74

    Sagamore Athletic Conference 2013

    I don't see that Tri West is being cocky or arrogant at all! If you read the posts you will see that they are giving this game the importance and consideration it deserves!!!
  4. Proudparent74

    Sagamore Athletic Conference 2013

    Thanks Jay for the great words. My son has played lineman his entire football life and it is a thankless position. Good luck to all of them and especially your son! You should be so proud of him!!!!!