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  1. Alduflux

    Big 8 Week 5

    Jasper has a starting OL, DL, and QB out for the year and the #1 WR missed the HH game.
  2. Even after a win you have to cry about the officials.
  3. Has this been considered for FP- TEC, SS-TC?
  4. What are you referring to?
  5. I'm not sure if the HH formation was the exact same as the Philly formation but it was similar. I believe Jones was the WR that would have thrown the ball.
  6. There was no FG option pass. HH originally lined up for a FG, then called timeout. They then went for it (no FG formation) and tried running the following play or a variation of it. The fumble was on the RB/WR exchange. (click the "watch on youtube" link in the video if it doesn't play)
  7. I believe 325 teams are part of the current IHSAA tournament but Sagarin rates 322 named schools. A PAC/Big 8 realignment to address schedule imbalances is discussed annually on this forum and some type of direct talks between the conferences happened a year ago. My understanding is the PAC schools (particularly two of those three you speak of) think everything is perfect in the PAC and there is nothing to be gained by playing a tougher conference schedule so don't feel bad for them.
  8. Patriot74 after last years Jasper/HH Game: "PS Another phantom call (while playing Jasper) against the Patriots negating a TD pass, turning the tide of momentum!! Let's see one year it was lineman down field, this year its a hold...." If you really want to hear excuses go dig up the Jasper/HH thread after the 2014 game. I believe that posters name was Jwilk74. Perhaps you know him. (I also remember bellyaching over Chatard's roster advantage and phantom math over the southern sectional winners having a road semi-state disadvantage from a certain fan base over the years.) I'm curious if you think GS lost the 2015 semi-state because Chatard was better that night or because of the weather?
  9. The big question is can Jasper snap the football?
  10. Alduflux

    Sectional 32

    20 years ago the Memorial problem didn't exist. Those HH teams didn't run into state caliber teams until semi-state.
  11. Alduflux

    Jasper @ The Ridge

    Jasper's offense last night was consistent with how they called plays most of last year. The gameplan against Memorial probably has more to do with new skill guys at most positions and an expectation that the O line would be a strength of the team. Memorial exposed them. Jasper retooled both sides of the line for SR.
  12. Alduflux

    Big 8 Week Two

    Wow. That's two Al Bundy's.
  13. Alduflux

    PAC Week 2

    What was his issue?
  14. Alduflux

    Jasper @ The Ridge

    I didn't know SIAC fans were allowed to think that way.