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  1. Our officiating crew on Friday said a directive was given by the IHSAA last Thursday saying these mouthpieces were not to be worn. Using common sense, he said he would allow them for tonight but tell the kids they are not to be worn. He thought suspension from use was not in the best interest of safety as each player would then wear an unfitted mouthpiece. His advice was to not wear them next week. (We had a good veteran crew.)
  2. Seeger players paused and prayed for Triton before our team meal last evening.... Also prayers from this former Triton assistant.
  3. Football coaching is filled. PE is still open.
  4. Seeger High School has a teaching (7th grade social studies, high school PE, high school APEX) and coaching football at Jr. High or High School. contact: Nate Davis, Athletic Director ndavis@msdwarco.k12.in.us
  5. 2coach

    USA vs. Canada

    Sounds very fun and a great idea!
  6. Congrats to Coach Harrison! I know his dad is very proud!
  7. 2coach

    Welcome Back

    When I saw the site was down, I remembered seeing that the Chinese had hacked into the major companies and websites in the U.S..... I always knew the GID was a major site ..... we now have confirmation!
  8. The ledgendary Bill Bays of North Putnam. Bill was the former coach at North Putnam and he announced games over the loud speaker. Bill was a great guy! He had a way of getting excited and you never knew what he would say. "The cougars are back to punt. NO! its a fake!"
  9. OK, as we were practicing, a player comes up and says... "My house is on FIRE!" We looked over to his house (next to the school) and sure enough, it was on fire!
  10. During the season, a player comes up and says, "Coach, just want to let you know that I am going to be arrested". For what? "I stole $27,000 from a friend's mom's debit card?" (Friend's mom had passed away 6 months before) True to his word, he was arrested. Needless to say, he missed practice from that day forward.
  11. 2coach

    Wrc Week 3 & Pick'em

    Ask your wife!!!! She will know!!! I think they can smell the word outlet!
  12. We are proud to have Matt return to Rockville as an assistant coach. Matt was the QB for Rockville in 2002. Matt coached Jr. High before enlisting in the US Army. He was welcomed home last season after his stay at Walter Reed Hospital. His father, Mark has coached at Rockville for 24 years. Matt will attend ISU this fall and coach QBs at Rockville High School. Thanks again for your service. Great people make great coaches! http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/vault/article/magazine/MAG1187821/index.htm