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  1. CG wins 28-14. Carmel Wins 38-14 CG beats Carmel 28-24
  2. CgFan7172

    6A Regional Matchups

    Center Grove should've beat Pike 35-13. WR dropped ball on 1 yard line and rolled out of the end zone and Pikes topped CG inside the 20 yd line 2 other times. Predictions: CG over Southport- 49-7 Pike over Warren- 28-17 Carmel over Carroll- 35-14 Penn over LC- 21-7 Semi-State: CG over Pike- 24-17 Carmel over Penn- 42-14 State Championship: CG over Carmel- 28-24
  3. CgFan7172

    Southport @ Center Grove

    The pressure is on CG every week. I honestly think Southport has the pressure with the undefeated record.
  4. CgFan7172

    JV and Freshman scores.

    Center Grove Freshman go Undefeated out scoring opponents 314-57 CG JV team goes 8-1
  5. CgFan7172

    Mr. Football Thread

    Luke Calvert from Center Grove
  6. CgFan7172

    2013 GID Week 7 Poll

    What has Carmel done that CG hasn't. CG should be ranked above Carmel. Carmel Is not the best team in the state.
  7. CgFan7172


    Coach Moore at CG without a doubt. He should be on the list.
  8. I'll take CG 28-14. BD won't be able to stop the run and the pass attack.
  9. CenterGrove by 14. Kirschner is on the hot seat. He has Only beaten CG once since 2007.