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  1. Titan32

    Big 8 Week 9

    You’re right. That was the depth of my analysis, “that’s a blow out”. 🙄 Good luck to you and the rest of the Big 8 in the tournament.
  2. Titan32

    Big 8 Week 9

    There is no transitive property that makes that Princeton win a good win for you guys or anyonee else for that matter. Princeton’s families will be embarrassed for at least 3 generations from the beat down they are about to take from Memorial (both half’s).
  3. Titan32

    PAC week 9

    Congrats Patriots!
  4. Titan32

    PAC Middle school 2018.

    Gibson Southern 7th grade 46 Heritage Hills 0, second half running clock. Gibson Southern 8th grade 30 Heritage Hills 14. Gibson Southern Freshman 29 Heritage Hills 28.
  5. Titan32

    Sectional 32

    If I were you I would look forward to them too lol.
  6. Titan32

    Sectional 32

    I really like Harrison as a venue. Very nice stadium.
  7. Titan32

    PAC Week 8

    57 points for the Marksmen D.
  8. Titan32

    PAC Middle school 2018.

    Jr. Titan 7th grade defeated North Posey tonight 34-8. 8th grade also won 48-0 with a second half running clock. Titan Freshman defeat Mt. Vernon (Fresh/Soph) 34-20.
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