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  1. I'm giving you a "like" this way. Sorry, I ran over my quota for the day apparently.
  2. We have had some things similar at the school I teach at. Our team traveled to Indianapolis Manual in 2013. We left school a bit early (maybe 1/4 of the day early)???? Our then head coach requested for 1/2 day dismissal so we could take the kids and quickly tour LOS and stretch our legs and eat, and that was denied.....BUT ***and I preface this by saying this is an AWESOME opportunity for our students, but then again, so was potentially showing our student-athletes the AWE (explaining what it takes to play there over Thanksgiving Break) of LOS *** We have BPA students that are allowed to miss school for multiple days to go to Nationals (this year in Anaheim, Ca. and last year in Tx.) and we have a club that does low mileage racing, and they were allowed to travel to California, 1 day after returning from Spring Break, missing that entire week of school.
  3. anyone have a name on this penn state rb?
  4. Thanks. Shows how much I have been paying attention. I just learned the draft begins this Thursday.
  5. Wait......... Is this a response to me?
  6. Coach Nowlin....... Who do you think the Bears will take w/ their 1st pick? Who would you like to see them take w/ their 1st pick? Do they have a 1st round pick this year?
  7. At the conclusion of this season, do you think we will see who will sit on the Iron Throne? If so, who do you see coming out victorious? I think many *big name characters* will die. I am hoping for something that makes us say, WOW and have to research the exact lineage/link to the Iron Throne. Also here pulling for the Night King........simply only for the "bad guy" winning once.
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