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  1. The group of Eugene, Yumiko (Miko), and King Ezekiel were FILMED IN downtown Atlanta. They did not travel TO Atlanta. Remember, Stephanie told Eugene her group was in Charleston, WV. When in this city (I don’t know where it is in the show. In the comics, imsc, it is Pittsburgh)they encounter the new character (she is in the comics) The Princess. True. There is no definitive date in which episode 1016 will air. It was scheduled to air on Sunday, 4/12, with episode 101 of The World Beyond to follow. From what I have read and heard, the filming is complete for 1016. They just need to tighten up special effects/etc. Annnnnnnnnnd, the ven diagram is closing in with ftwd and TWD. The cover of Half Moon was the cover I’ve mentioned from ftwd that Daniel Salazar was carrying in one of last seasons ftwd episodes.
  2. In week 9 2019, I had the wonderful opportunity to officiate the South Newton @ Lake Station football game. It was outstanding. Both teams had wonderful support from many, many, many fans. They played very well and so hard. They represented themselves, their families, schools and community with such amazing spirit.
  3. He’s always strapped, so it has to be the pistol, no? 😂
  4. I challenge you to watch or re watch or re re watch, Tiger King. 😂
  5. In the comics, Alpha was a MAJOR, yet short lived villain. Much like the show. Many, frame by frame similarities. The entire savior arc in the show, and really the comics, is for the emergence of Negan. I agree with the whisperer war cliffhanger possibility. Don’t forget, we are getting a MAJOR return this season. I think THAT, will be the cliffhanger esque type. I have dropped hints in earlier posts. In the comics, Beta has a longer storyline than Alpha, which seems similar to the show. As said earlier, last nights episode was a groundwork laying episode in so many ways...... I also mentioned, where there is death, there is life. We saw some major, major, MAJOR life yesterday in episode 1013.
  6. I think the perfect example is 702. In 701, we find out who is Lucilled. 702, sure we meet The King and Jerry, but it was a much needed pause. Not comparing 701 to 1012.
  7. They have these shows at times, to unravel story lines to move forward. Think of a ven diagram with TWD, ftwd, world beyond, and the “Rick Grimes” movies all beginning to overlap. Correct, this is Michonne’s last episode on TWD. With her role in TWD and most recently in Black Panther, Danai Gurrira’s career has really taken off. She is heavily rumored, and w tonight’s ending it sure appears, that she will reunite, at some point with Rick in the movies. To me, this was my favorite Michonne episode ever. I enjoyed how they portrayed her w a different group, The Saviors. Chris Hardwick touched on this on Talking Dead numerous times about how it would be interesting to see how “our group” could’ve turned out differently had they joined a different group.
  8. Robert- I hope you are not lumping me in as an evolutionist. 🙂
  9. Is this when Harding had Hardy (I believe, IU/Bills)? I will look to see. If I come across it, I will post it. High profile is subjective. You enjoyed playing in the game and it stuck out to you. Thank you for the recommendation.
  10. I would presume we could search for this in YouTube? thank you for taking the time to respond. Everything at all times recently has been on 1 topic. My hope is to enjoy some much needed football discussion. I would like to thank folks from Whiting HS (I would guess others may be doing this to) for beginning something like this on Twitter. I’ve enjoyed there.
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