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  1. I am right here Irish. You can tag me so I can see what you are saying. We live in the GREATEST country EVER. The state does not mandate masks be worn. The nation does not mandate masks be worn. It is our choice. I made a choice. Costco could have asked me to leave. They did not.
  2. I already addressed this in another thread, but for you my friend, I will address it again.....Yes. If my employer says I MUST wear a mask, I will. Agreed.
  3. Yes sir. If my bosses say wear a mask, I’ll wear a mask. Just as I did on the airplane to Florida.
  4. Have a great day. Always awesome for a 3 day weekend, 🤞. Just to re clarify, I social distance (been doing this before it was cool. RELAX people, it’s a joke), wash my hands and practice hygiene. All those work, don’t need a mask. And if masks *work*, why haven’t they been proper protocol since March 13?
  5. Bragged about taking a family vacation? Don’t forget. Paid straight cash homey. 😉 We had this planned and paid for months in advance. The powers that be didn’t cancel. So we CHOSE (freedom) our path. We PRAYED and made our decisions. I am celebrating my freedom. I “potentially” endangered people by not wearing a mask? Your words. Masks aren’t mandated. If you are wearing a mask, why do you care if I’m not? You are “protected”. My body, my choice! Or does that only go for the murdering of babies? Have a great day at work tomorrow. That’s DannEllenwood to you sporty. ALL LIVES MATTER.
  6. So I can’t have my own personal thoughts? Got it.
  7. If you mean both teams ONLY went one direction, then yes. They did not go towards to ivy.
  8. Sorry. I am not crazy like that guy. I made a choice. Freedom is great.
  9. I will hang up and wait for you, Ron, and stat boys responses. I will stick with Jesus’ teachings that ALL LIVES MATTER! And stat boy even donated to this racist, hate group. ALL LIVES MATTER!
  10. Agreed. We differ on what is considered cultural norms, value, and morals. I prefer Burgess Owens and his inclusivity to say, Black Lives Matter. ALL LIVES MATTER
  11. Hey. But I’m wearing a tinfoil hat according to the Jimmie
  12. Hey Jimmie, feel free to tag me. Dont have a basemen either. 😂
  13. Say what you may, but @Muda69 has been pretty spot on with some things he’s addressed. Mostly in the OOB. Teachers unions. I saw the head of the NEA is now pandering on CNN.
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