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  1. DannEllenwood

    TWD Season 9

    Do you want answers? They would contain potential spoilers. I’ll wait until you respond Irish. You can always dm me. But I can answer some that won’t be spoilers. Absolutley it was a cool scene to see Negan return to the clearing. Cool throw back. Think it shows Negans growth and transformation along w his dialogue w Judith. For niw, Maggie is “gone”. She is doing her other show, whiskey cavalier. Likely will return season 10. I don’t think that was Daryl’s face in the mask. Remember the part w Alden and Luke collecting Yumikos arrows when they encounter Alpha. What an entrance btw.
  2. As a fan, I think the 40 clock is great. Great move by the IHSAA
  3. Very nice of your uncle. He should've invested in the fruit company. 🙂 Wish I did.
  4. Didn’t Forrest used to cut that for free once he became a “kazillionaire”?
  5. DannEllenwood

    TWD Season 9

    Let’s roll!!!!!
  6. DannEllenwood

    Alliance of American Football

    I watched a bit. Please disregard my op in this thread. I misread it for Sunday’s. Didn’t watch enough to give an opinion.
  7. Don’t forget the wayans brothers in white Girls, in full white face. 🤯
  8. Where was that that she said government should take care of those unable or unwilling to work (paraphrasing here)?
  9. DannEllenwood

    TWD Season 9

    Yes. Yes. Yes. And dg (michonne) will not be w us much longer.
  10. @Impartial_Observer It's ok, Muda69 response shamed me too. 🙂
  11. Congrats. Still doesn't address the initial question I posed to you. I understand you support your school, which is great, but when being asked as DT did you should leave that to the HC of said school. Good luck.
  12. DannEllenwood

    Get Back Coach

    but, but, but....his passion. his intensity. blah blah blah. not a fan of this mcvey