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  1. The Walking Dead. I'll show myself out. I was looking for something over the Christmas Break and binged Weeds on Netflix. It did get redundant at times, but it was a funny and well made show.
  2. To all coaches, Tis the (clinic) season. Learn tons and have fun.
  3. Annnnnnnnnnnnnnd, there it is. Make sure you always watch the closing ceremonies. Make sure you do not lose your valet provided acorn....better yet, never let Mose drive your car. I am really surprised James Trickington didn't sell more of his book titled, The Ultimate Guide to Throwing a Garden Party.
  4. Agreed. Had the wonderful opportunity to join his last staff at Portage in 2006. I learned more about the ins and outs of coaching from him, than I thought I’d ever imagine. Meticulous coach. Quick story. I was the WR coach and offensive personnel coordinator for this team. We were running our offensive schemes vs. prep D in the summer, June maybe. I got a wr wrong. Got my butt chewed. Needless to say, I never made that mistake again. 😆 Praying for him daily.
  5. Doesn't change the fact or diminish this feat.
  6. Interesting There were 5 Heisman Winners in the Titans/Ravens game Saturday. Titans: Mariotta and Henry Ravens: RG3, L. Jackson, Ingram
  7. GREAT football is played at every level.
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