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  1. That I am not 100%. TBH, I never heard of Castle until the 94 state championship.
  2. Hope you don’t mind. I know you asked Tommy, but quoted me. 😀 They were very big. They ran an overloaded Offense at times too (if not the entire game).
  3. Coach got "run out" at LC and we haven't been the same since. He left LC, then went to Logansport, where he immediately turned the Berries around. Then went to SB Adams for a bit. Heard some things about a certain parent/group of parents that wanted to pass more. Coach was a running/option guy and wasn't going to change, so they "ran him out" there. Heard that family then took their talents to the westside of SB. Coach is doing great, last time I spoke with him. He is enjoying retirement with his grandkids and playing a lot of golf.
  4. From first hand experience, I can save you a bunch of money. BHSS won, defeating us (Lake Central). 🙂
  5. VERY good Portage team right there. They beat us (Lake Central) in the Regional that season, 21-7. Great players and coaches on that team. Coached with a few over the years. Really good people.
  6. We (LC) had a duel crowd (our fans and Hobart's fans) for our game, as Hobart did for their game. I remember walking onto the field after the 4A game and all of the Hobart players and staff were cheering us on and we were congratulating them. We were the only 2 teams from the Region still playing. Such great memories.
  7. Amen UW. As soon as we got the sleeves shortened/put elastic in them, so much better than today.
  8. Buttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt, was Beta *FROM* Virginia, or, was he from the Baltimore area like Alpha (her first backstory episode last season was set in Baltimore)........ Alright....................scratch all the show runners and writers. Irish, IO, and I are the new folks in charge.
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