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  1. Obviously this guy..... I am hearing The Hitmen.... I will show myself out.
  2. We used to pack that "dump" when it was The Burial Grounds. I use the word "dump" very affectionately. It wasn't anything pretty, but it was OURS!
  3. 2013 and 2014 were different stories. 2015 back here. Our staffs really had a good time competing against each other. From 2012-2015 split 2 wins for kv (1 at home/ 1 on road) 2 wins for rchs (1 at home/ 1 on road)
  4. Still? That I do not know. Up until 2015, we at KV did under then HFB Coach, Brad Stewart. As @hhpatriot04 says, "The 16 Blast (line follows FOIL blocking scheme, TE seals first backer inside of him, FB/playside RB blast the DE, playside RB takes another playside backer/SS/Rover, and the QB has three running lanes (over the DE's face, a slight inside cut between the DT and DE, or one-one-one in space against a corner back. QB has a reverse pivot, giving the backside RB two steps to get in front of the QB." At KV, we ran something very similar to this (our's was 34 blast w/ slightly differing blocking rules). Our 1st game as a staff together, we ran 34 blast something like 30-40 times. Our RB had something over 300 yards rushing (maybe closer to 400) and we never threw the ball once. We prevailed 49-39. That was one of my all time favorite games to coach.
  5. Great job as always, Coach Nowlin, on pubbing region football (along w this great game in general).
  6. Wasn't that the Oklahoma State HFB Coach, Mike Gundy?
  7. I think it already is normal to see endzone cameras at high school games. Be well. Have a great day.
  8. Not just Duneland Conference schools and coaches. I would say all schools and coaches? OK. Edit on my part. I see that Tanka Jahari has placed his above post in many threads.
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