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  1. but it is legit along w the lannister/baratheons being gonners
  2. TD.......but I completely forgot about Gendry. Literally not a "huge" character in the show, but might be the most important at the end.
  3. Ahhhhhhhhhhh hell. Darn it. Back to the drawing board for this guy... GREAT call on Gendry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hence my spin off comment
  4. Has Sansa ever offed anyone on the show? Little finger maybe?
  5. Prediction.... Dany kills Tyrion for Jaimie/Cersei Sansa kills Dany Sansa sits on the throne. Jon remains King of the North. Spin off series to come. Movie to come, maybe (50/50), as of before series finale.
  6. Could she face, head on, the same fate her trusted friend did?????
  7. Eh. Nothing to see here. He was too busy trying to hide Aaron Rodgers. That isn’t his. That’s Tyrion’s. He’s just playing peek a boo w brother and sister.
  8. Cousin Eddie Meisterbrau game is stronger!
  9. https://www.insider.com/game-of-thrones-season-eight-episode-five-analysis-details-2019-5#bran-also-saw-this-scene-of-snow-falling-in-the-throne-room-15
  10. Don't forget Cousin Eddie.... And don't forget Principal Anderson....
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