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  1. Maybe he is more comfortable and familiar with coaching in a Catholic school setting and I remember reading about his hire at LC. Nothing more. Nothing less. As I answered before to the question, seems logical.
  2. Did he coach at a Catholic school in Ohio? If so, seems logical.
  3. "Football coaching job open in the MIC as John Rodenberg has resigned at Lawrence Central after two seasons. AD Ryan Banas said Rodenberg’s work at LC much appreciated and wishes Rodenberg the best moving forward." Kyle Neddenriep (Twitter)
  4. Completely forgot about that scene. Think you may have to go back and watch, though I may be wrong. I think someone's life is about to change........
  5. Darn you Carol. Socks and skin mask only? 😂
  6. No (KV). Though KV does have a 120 lb. 9th grader who is wrestling tonight/tomorrow, but he doesn't play football.
  7. Is that a “better” post season route than 4a? Not trying to slight anyone or any team. Don’t really know how else to phrase it and I’m not too familiar with that part of the state in 3-4a.
  8. No swimming pool? Sorry, am I missing something?
  9. SB Clay found their new HFB Coach. https://wsbt.com/sports/content/sb-clay-names-new-varsity-football-coach Congrats.
  10. I enjoyed watching the QB for WB the last couple of seasons, during the State Finals. Excellent HS QB (Mr. Football Position award winner). What are his plans post HS?
  11. I briefly heard a bit about this today. Just for MLB, did they mention anything about shortening the regular season?
  12. To be 100% clear, in a previous topic, I was NOT tearing any athlete, poster, anyone down. I just made a comment (and defended it when needed) about football speed.
  13. I didn't read your post besides your "tagging me question".
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