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  1. Joe Kane

    Sectional 47

    Bet you could have answered 1/2 of your questions with the amount of time it took you to type and format that. Haha. I’m out, but will gladly read if someone does it. Some brisk fall weather for the start of sectional week. I believe most, maybe all, schools are on a week long fall break. I’d be curious which coaches keep the routine the same, as far as practice times and such. Best of luck and good health to all lacing them up.
  2. Joe Kane

    Wabash River Conference Week 9

    Good thing teeth are optional in Parke Co. Thanks for the tidbit, seriously, I appreciate it. If BM did that with the rejects, better watch out...Omar is here...
  3. Joe Kane

    Wabash River Conference Week 9

    I don’t necessarily disagree with what you have to say. However, FC losing three games isn’t a surprise, in my opinion. With not knowing much about Southmont or Eastern Hancock, I felt like at least one of those games might end in a loss for the “new” Mustangs. Then I had them picked to lose to NV and “one of the middle of the pack teams” such as Attica, Covington, or SV...which Attica got the win. For the last three years, all of the WRC GID members have been plugging the TR/Rox consolidation. TR has been head and shoulders above the rest of the league from their sophomore class through the eight grade class...in football and basketball. I might be off a little with my timelines, but there’s loads of talent. Toss in the few individual pieces that Rox offer and a mega hire in Coach Moore, and the Wolves’ success isn’t a surprise. So last night’s outcome was something that I anticipated. When discussing SV, my dismay sits solely with the new coaching staff. Sure, the Mildcats have always been less than desirable, but I don’t think they’ve been led by someone such as Barrett either. A school of their size routinely getting beat by opponent less than half of their size is awful...especially when we’re talking school if mid to low 200 in enrollment....there’s a lot to be gained with a 3a enrollment in comparison. 12 and 13 offered some great football games throughout the conference.
  4. Joe Kane

    Wabash River Conference Week 9

    I can get behind the sponsorship of touchdowns, because they are typically a handful or less, and are followed by a brief dead period in the game. Now, the first down sponsorships and whatever else is said/yelled, is unnecessary...especially with the style of play our offense brings. Congratulations to the Falcons on officially locking up the WRC. Best of luck in the tournament. And, PSV, I posed a question to generate some posts a few days ago. See, just another example that unless we’re taking digs at someone, no one wants to participate haha 🤷🏻‍♂️
  5. Joe Kane

    Wabash River Conference Week 9

    Correct. Complete oversight on my part that PH's second loss was to non-conference NC-F. I agree with NV likely exceeding most people's expectations. I was nervous about the players that ended up not competing last year after all playing, even starting, as sophomores. They've had a few nice pieces join the program and/or some have improved to fill those voids. Plus, the staff's ability to make adjustments is well documented and for good reason. From my understanding, another key piece of the puzzle will finally be added during sectional when they gain a transfer's eligibility (after the previous school declined signing the waiver). As you stated, top to bottom, it is hard to beat what NV has created. There is definitely an "all-in" mentality in the community. Excellent fortitude shown by the junior high staff and players last night. I was unable to attend since I originally had plans set for Thursday, but heard all about it. Congrats! And, as for South Vermillion, oy vey
  6. Joe Kane

    Wabash River Conference Week 9

    So with the conference settled and the sectional pairings out, what do you guys think was the biggest storyline and/or most surprising outcome of this season? South Vermillion underperforming, despite being in a 1A conference, is my vote. I had picked NV to be atop of the WRC and knew Moore was getting athletes with the PH consolidation. If FC can pullout a victory tomorrow, I would put them a solid second as a surprise. I figured them for four losses this season, so I suppose three would still exceed my expectations, but a new coach and a depleted roster (from what we read leading up to the season) if they go 7-2 then I largely tip my cap to the Mustangs.
  7. Joe Kane

    Wabash River Conference Week 9

    From the looks of it, he’ll be in Moore’s back pocket tomorrow
  8. Joe Kane

    Wabash River Conference Week 9

    You mean to tell me that a house didn’t come with his PH contract?!? 🙀🙀🙀
  9. Joe Kane

    Wabash River Conference Week 9

    Come on now. No way a state title game caliber of a coach would do such a thing? Or wait, was that him that gave the coaching staff all of the accolades? I don't remember.
  10. Joe Kane

    Wabash River Conference Week 9

    Way too much pride for either program to set the cruise control. Huge game in Veederstucky.
  11. Joe Kane

    Wabash River Conference Week 9

    Rumor has it the deed is already done.....smothered by a Trojan......
  12. Joe Kane

    Wabash River Conference Week 8

    You should see semi-state 😁
  13. Joe Kane

    Wabash River Conference Week 8

    But home field advantage isn’t earned, its randomly selected.
  14. Joe Kane

    Wabash River Conference Week 8

    FC PH week 9.....FC PH week 10.....stupid ping pong balls