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  1. Unless something changes, better hope he has good legs under him. Nolting never passed much while at NC-F, despite what I thought to be more than enough adequate players in positions to do so. Being one-dimensional hurt him in 1a football, in my opinion, even when his teams were more physically imposing than their counterparts. I hope he takes a different approach at the 4a-5a level because it sounds like he won't have the luxury of being Tarzan going against Jane.
  2. Anyone know what G-C has coming back? What type of offense were they in the last few years? What will it take for Nolting to get some of the kids walking the halls to put on a helmet?
  3. My bet is that he will. He will likely have an increase in overall athletes at G-C, but he had a few years at NC-F with phenomenal groups and he continued with his offensive philosophy. A lot of people will jump on the "leaving when the talent runs dry" train...and perhaps rightfully so...but there has to be more to it (as the article states) for him to also leave both administrative titles that he held (which might actually play a part in him wanting to lighten the load professionally). Best of luck on the move, Coach. To the future NC-F AD, I heard Urban Meyer will be available.
  4. Joe Kane

    WRC 2019

    It will be interesting to see how he does at Greenfield-Central. I hear that they have a lot of good talent in the halls. Good luck on the east side, Coach.
  5. Joe Kane

    WRC 2019

    There were some holes in the Vermilion County, IL conference across the state line (VVC). I know several of those schools have to travel a LONG way to get a non-conference game. Rossville is now consolidated with Bismarck and Schlarman Academy co-ops with Hoopeston (along with Armstrong-Potomac, but they never had a football program along, was with Rossville). If Attica knew early enough, that would be a perfect fit since the schools' enrollments mirror each other almost perfectly. Indiana does start one week earlier than Illinois, but these non-conference games are being played in the middle of the season and clearly Attica sprinkles in a different week for each team in the WRC.
  6. Joe Kane

    WRC 2019

    There are a lot of great football players graduating from NV this year. Myers, Woodard, Foncannon, Kilgore, Buchhaas, and Carron...all starters and/or contributors on both sides of the ball. I believe it was two cycles ago that Sheridan, Covenant, and South Putnam were in the same sectional as NV. That was a strange grouping as far as geography, but as a fan, I loved it. I am not a fan of just cycling back through the WRC for the sectional. Traveling to a new school and playing a new opponent really adds to the playoff atmosphere. The upcoming senior class for NV is a great group. The upcoming junior class leaves something to be desired as far as numbers and "football guys." However, assuming the staff stays together, which I believe that they will, the Falcons will have a punchers chance to make some noise with Linton likely staying 2a. The Miners are on course to be really good again, in my opinion. Oh, and RIP Seeger, if either of those scenarios happen.
  7. So, the question is....Would you rather have an encouraging “bro coach” or a hard-headed pessimistic jerk? Yes, let us celebrate this old-school coach for disallowing Gatorade baths and not partaking in chest bumps 🙄🙄🙄
  8. Of course, doesn’t hurt that in those 3 years you guys have played an extra season and a half during the tournament haha. Thats my one complaint about the “blind draw tournament.” If the two best teams in a sectional get pitted in week 10, someone has to lose. Therefore, those underclassmen miss out on a chance to literally gain 1/3 - 1/2 of a season more experience. 2/day were a lot more important when the summer contact was not as prevalent. With the outside demands and hoops that teams have to jump through to get it done, seems best to me just to run a single session.
  9. ??? The Gatorade celebration is over 3 decades old.
  10. Joe Kane


    Ehhh, not always the case. Generally speaking, “high profile” may not always be sought after for a multitude of reasons: spouse’s job, age/grade of child(ren), teaching position availability, etc. I know several places keep ECA stipends for the “big sports” simply listed as “Determined upon negotiation.” Clearly we are not talking the financial kickback of places such as Hoover (AL), IMG (FL), Tyler (TX), etc. But, I wonder how much discrepancy there is within the state of Indiana based on a HFC stipend? Low end around, what, 6k and top end??? The reason that I ask is, it would take one heck of a raise for me to uproot my family. Is there enough money in coaching here?
  11. Joe Kane

    WRC 2019

    1. Linton is showing 12 students above the smallest 2a with the recent enrollment release 2-3. TBD 4. NV does, taught by their HFC. 5. Did the WRC story of the year change as the postseason progressed? Honest question, not being facetious. People outside of the NV community may still feel better about the Parke Heritage consolidation.
  12. Which is what I think a lot of guys are alluding to...
  13. For me, after being overly complimentary of the Pioneer program and staff since 2014, it would change my mind. Not in its entirety, but definitely some. Not that I matter, as I’ve laughed at your evasion mostly, but I sure hope my observations weren’t that far off. You’d have to be a brave man to board a train in Danville these days, Gonzo.