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  1. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.
  2. I always thought Russians should just stick to hockey anyway...
  3. Rumor has it that Coach Crabtree wanted to call a stretch play when NV was headed towards the north end zone at Roncalli. He wasn’t sure since LuHi’s stud DE would be there (think that was the McFadden kid) and the coaching staff said “Yea, but that’s Zeth Jumps.” Stretch was called and points were put on the board. Zeth did a great job of getting him hooked, all 5’10 165 pounds of him as a converted receiver . So, to answer your question, no one will ever live up to Jumps. He was not only the heart and soul of that team, but also our community. The current team has two 3-year starters on the OL, Woodard and Foncannon. They are both quality players and get the ship steered in the right direction. The other three starters are all juniors, and I’d bet with bricks tied to their feet, maybe tip the scales at an average of 170 pounds. Ben Blank is a master at maximizing his unit’s talent. He and Crabtree work well together to make sure their players are in the best position possible to be successful. Tempo. Tempo. Tempo. Play fast, but not reckless. Communicate. Play through the whistle. And if not, expect to get an ear full. Heck of a lot easier just to do your job to the best of your ability with maximum effort than deal with the alternative.
  4. That’s awesome! I remember him spinning it at the ‘15 Regional. Great QB. The Bell game was actually on Fox Sports and I caught a quarter of the replay on Sunday. I kid you not, I got so tired of hearing that bell ring after just a few plays, that I muted the game and only watched a few series. I never did see Reid’s name or else I would have recognized it. Very cool.
  5. Looking at your roster, seems you guys are quite a bit smaller across the board. You think that’s beneficial? Or am I completely wrong from the jump? That ‘14 OL/DL were some big, big boys. I don’t recall the actual measurements, however. I think I remember you saying your son was the QB. Did he continue with football after LuHi?
  6. Rumor has it, Cody Wright is still looking for his jock after the shake Jones gave him at Roncalli.
  7. McFadden is a familiar name. Brother play previously?
  8. Our crowd was larger in 2014 at Roncalli. So, maybe their home bleachers become our visitors’ bleachers??
  9. Thanks a ton, MP! This short series has provided two electric games in 2014 and 2015. When the Falcons traveled to Roncalli on a frozen night in 2014, I don't think many people around the state gave the Cayuga boys a chance. On paper, NV had zero business hanging in the game with the Saints, let alone beating them (and in reality, beating them convincingly). That victory propelled the Falcons to an eventual state title over Pioneer. Fast forward to the Regional round of 2015, equally as cold, just not frozen this time, the Saints made the trip to Gibson Field and jumped all over the home team. It was really quite the opposite of the previous season...the community was full of confidence and then LuHi took a commanding lead early. To quote Coach Crabtree, the "mental fortitude" of the Falcons allowed them to scratch and claw their way back into the game. In fact, I just got a serious rush of goosebumps typing that. I recall J. Earl scoring a touchdown in the south end zone, he looked over to the fans standing on the fence and in the stands, and let out a thunderous roar that made everyone know that we weren't going down without a fight. Whew! I look forward to reading this thread as the week goes on. Looking at some of the season game scores for LuHi, it appears that NV is up against it, again. Will the Saints get revenge on NV in round 3? Only time will tell....
  10. You going to hook us up with a semi-state thread, MP? I am too superstitious to do it myself. There are some good things to discuss with NV and LuHi now meeting 3 of the last 5 years in the later rounds of the playoffs.
  11. NV had 3 players start as sophomores that chose not to continue with football; two stopped before they were juniors and the third tore his ACL as a junior and chose to not play his senior season. There was also a freshman that played varsity in 9th grade, and was darn good, but he’s since chose another life path, unfortunately.
  12. Amazing job, NV players and coaches. The addition of Kilgore and Reynolds definitely outshines the players no longer in pads. Flynn, Watson, and Little are doing wonderful up front, to again erase what was lost. Give this staff any amount of time, especially up front with Ben Blank coaching them up, and good things happen.
  13. I agree with Reb on the fact that these two teams have lined up with nearly equal talent each time that they’ve played. I’m not going to pretend to be a football coach, but on the outside looking in, seems NC-F is a great front runner. When the situation gets sticky, things seem to come unraveled, and quickly. I’ve mentioned the prior taunting and such...then Friday we witness a Thunderbird player be ejected from the game for an unsportsmanlike...NC-F gets a delay of game for not returning to the field on time at the half, literally giving the kids 56 seconds (of the extra 3 minutes) to take the field and costing them 10 yards...these things are handled from the top down...I won’t get into what I feel were squandered opportunities and/or wasted timeouts because those are situational. Everything always seems grand when the chips are stacking in your favor...
  14. If what you are saying is in fact true, and he hurt his ankle a week ago, the coaching staff had an entire week’s preparation to get a plan put together. With as many current head coaches as NC-F had on its sideline, surely someone could have formulated something. The way that NC-F’s drive ended before the half encompasses it all for me. No timeouts left, moving the ball but short on time, not being prepared to spike the ball to stop the clock to set up a final play for a chance to score killed the Tbirds. When you’re a one-trick pony, you suffocate in crunch time. I really like #3 in person. I’d take that kid any day of the week. #WarFalcon
  15. Do you have data to show the “purists” votes on this? What are the target demographics for such an elite club?
  16. The weather is always less than ideal when NV hosts a big game. Of course, given the time of the year in the Midwest, what do you expect....but still....'14 Regional vs Linton (not near as cold as the following week at Roncalli), '15 Regional vs LuHi, and now tonight. I'm drawing a little bit of a blank with the '11 and '12 Regional against Scecina. The schedule has sure been kind to the Falcons over the years. Despite hosting, I'd still prefer neutral sites (I've yet to read that thread so if the reasoning has been explained for not offering a neutral site, I'll catch it later).
  17. Not complicated, not even in the slightest. No matter how you peel an apple, the core remains the same. Zone. Power. Counter. Three yards and a cloud of dust might be part of what has gotten us to this shortage of players. Just a thought.
  18. For those on the outside looking in, there are quite a few interesting details in this series: Coach Brian Crabtree cut his HFC teeth in Farmersburg. Taking a program with very little success and producing a couple 8-win seasons for the Tbirds. Coach Travis Nolting replaced Crabtree in 2011. A scrum broke out between the players of both schools during a game after Crabtree's departure. Current Falcon DC Hank Lopez works at Riverton Parke and I believe was on staff when NC-F had a player rush for over 400 yards and 10 touchdowns against a much inferior Panther team. Tons and tons of pregame hype/trash talk after the aforementioned player fight. NV outscores NC-F 189 to 28 in four games over the next three season (one sectional match-up). I am unsure of the reason, but the two schools no longer had each other on schedule after 2014. Since Linton is no longer on NC-F's schedule either, does this game against NV become (to take a page from Michigan) a revenge tour game? It will be interesting to see if the T-birds choose to run through the pregame warm-up of the Falcons again when visiting Gibson field...and then continuously mocking NV while stretching. I was quite shocked to witness that, but I believe it provided fuel to the fire for the Falcons. Then, of course, the infamous stray dog chit on NC-F's sideline that I still get a good laugh at (clearly, I've mentioned it 100x on GID 🤣). Anyway, good luck and good health to all involved tonight. #WarFalcon 32-28
  19. This seems a little contradictory to some of the things that I see you post. With the decline in football participation at the high school level, the RPO allows teams to maximize and utilize talent and/or size. Today’s game is seeing more and more “skinny” guys needing shifted to the line. With those guys not being natural or equipped for the position, what better way to be successful with the patchwork OL than to give the QB two options instead of one; based on alignment and numbers across the ball?
  20. I take Crabtree, Blank, Lopez, and Davis 365 days a year. NV will be in position to win the game from a schematics standpoint. Still comes down to the Jimmies and Joes. New territory for both groups of young men...minus the seniors at NV who were 9th graders for the semi state at Linton...but the comeback victory over LuHi did not allow for substituting. Somebody be sure to lock up the stray dogs. Maybe NC-F replaces the sledgehammer with a pooper scooper this week?
  21. Hard to believe he is just a little over a decade removed from his time at Attica. Excellent job at NC. Congrats.
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