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  1. Heritage at Luers Wayne at South Side Concordia at Lakeland Dwenger at Logansport North Side at Elkhart Central
  2. jakone

    Snider Panthers

    Pressley 10 carries 81 yards. That's 8.1 per carry.
  3. jakone

    Snider Panthers

    SO as soon as one coach leaves and the other takes over coincidentally the talent runs out chicken or the egg. Bring in Haydock and see what happens.
  4. jakone

    Snider Panthers

    In Lindsay Sr. last two years 2010 and 2011 Luers went 27-2 two sac and state champs in a row beating Snider both years and were the smallest school in the SAC. Since then with Lindsay Jr. they are 35-28 zero SAC and zero state championships.
  5. jakone

    Snider Panthers

    Luers fans would trade our coaching staff with yours.
  6. Luers at Snider Northrop at Dwenger Homestead at South Concordia at North Carroll at Wayne
  7. jakone

    Snider Panthers

    When did Carroll get turf?
  8. jakone

    Snider Panthers

    How was the field at Zollner?
  9. jakone

    WEEK 8 - AP POLL

    Luers moving down one spot after losing to the #1 team in 4a by two points is *Deleted*ic.
  10. Concordia at Carroll Luers at South North at Northrop Snider at Dwenger Homestead at Wayne Three great matchups this week. IMO
  11. You will only need half of that or so in the 2nd round.
  12. Luers is ranked 13th in 3a with a schedule that consist of 1. 3a 3. 4a's 1. 5a 4. 6a's So you are saying they would be ranked higher if they replaced two 6a's in conference with two 3a's out of conference?
  13. That has never been a problem before.
  14. If the dog hadn't stopped to take a poo, he would have caught the rabbit.
  15. jakone

    Snider Panthers

    What if the original school signs off on the transfer?