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  1. Atta boy you tell em.
  2. Dwenger played at Luers the week before but couldn't last week because Luers was at home. If Luers was going to play somewhere else they would try St. Francis or Homestead first.
  3. Really, go where. As Mr. Spock would say "I'm stating fact captain not opinion."
  4. Yesterday morning police responded to shots being fired across the street from Bishop Luers, maybe dodging bullets gives you city speed. 11/12/18 2:44 am Shots fired, Ambulance 100 block of West Paulding Road
  5. I apologize I was totally out of line after all you were only off by 5 touchdowns. 😁
  6. jakone

    Snider Panthers

    IF Snider, Northrop and North side combined into a mega schools like those in the Indy area they would beat Carmel every year.
  7. jakone

    Snider Panthers

    Luers also has a much greater chance of losing players to other city schools than schools from smaller towns like three year Luers player Camdyn Childers who spent his senior season at Carroll.
  8. The games are streamed live on the internet with very good quality probably hurts attendance.
  9. jakone

    SAC Playoffs Week 3

    Last years Marian at Luers game Jordan Pressley scored on a 73 yard run on Luers 1st possession for Luers only score, on the 2nd possession of the game he was injured and didn't play the rest of the game.
  10. Marian returns to Luers again this year after whuppin Luers last year 30-7. Should be closer this year imo.
  11. jakone

    Snider Panthers

    Predict a matchup says: Carmel (103.43) is a 24.5-point favorite (1.61-point home-field advantage) against FW Snider (80.37) I'll take Snider and the points.
  12. The game is in Fort Wayne this year it won't be close.