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  1. I was at the first game. McDonald impressed me with his ability to stay upright after initial contact. I thought the rain would affect the Stars more than it actually did. If we get as much rain this week as we're supposed to, the field could be sloppier than the first meeting. "Should" because historically they have, or because they won by 10 points in a shootout earlier in the season?
  2. The Hoosier Hills thread has been on the first page the whole season, and this game is getting no love?? There maybe some rain Friday night, who does that help/hurt? Is this game a shootout, or do the defenses redeem their poor performances from the first game?
  3. To the fans who were at the game, they were loud, energetic, and involved, but that's the extent of positive remarks. The crowd size was horrible and embarrassing. The weather is no excuse. Games have been colder, windier, and wetter, and the AD has had to open up the sidelines because of the size. I love the live feed as much as the next person, but I blame it for the crowd sizes. As far as 2A, I prefer to stay. Maybe taking a few more licks will help us develop that "hate to lose" mentality that we lost somewhere along the way. These Jr, Soph, Frosh, and 8th grade classes have the right weapons to compete in the 2A tourney the next few years.
  4. Add Linton/Sullivan into that mix with 104 meetings. Sullivan narrowly leads at 52-50-2. Tut can provide more details.
  5. SouthNZone

    Hoosier Hills Conference 2018

    W....T.....F You just said....and I even quoted it....I’ll add it again.... Are you drunk??
  6. SouthNZone

    Hoosier Hills Conference 2018

    No....it looks worse for FC
  7. SouthNZone

    Bedford North Lawrence

    The middle school team is just over halfway through the season, and it's already deemed a success. There are roughly 85 kids almost split evenly between the 7th/8th grades. The 8th graders are undefeated so far, with the 7th graders sitting at 4-2. In my opinion the wins are just the gravy. These kids are learning the high school's system with consistent coaching. They get to practice against a full scout team. The merge actually brought a handful of first time players out, who are studs in other sports. It should pay dividends for Weber and the high school team in the near future.
  8. SouthNZone

    North Knox @ Linton-Stockton

    These kids are growing, learning, and starting to play some inspiring football. Those first 3 weeks were pretty uninspiring. Not because they lost, but because of how they lost. Watching that sullivan game, I saw a flat team with no desire. Now I'm talking team here, there were a couple individuals who played their butts off, but as a team, flat. It looked as if they didn't care. It was hard to watch. I've never seen a Linton team play with so little emotion. Every week since, though, that has improved. I'm starting to see some fire, some grit. If we come out with the same (or more) intensity as we've shown the last few weeks, we'll have no problem with the one-dimensional warriors. Not one single Miner fan is under the impression that everything is "rosie". We seem to have learned from those licks we took early on in the season. From the coaching staff getting the right kids in the right positions, to the kids playing with heart, hating to lose. We have a long way to go, but the pieces are starting to make their way to their proper places.
  9. In regards to the youth leagues, they are not school affiliated. The Boys Club runs it, and the guy who runs the Boys Club is an assistant on Weber's staff. He does an exceptional job. The problem rests with the schools. He extended signups last year until after school started. He sent emails to the schools asking to put a reminder of football signups in the announcements, they wouldn't. Basketball is king, but baseball is making a push. A lot of kids play into August. There were a handful of kids who didn't play football because they were finishing up baseball, and wanted a break. Couple that with elementary school basketball tryouts, usually the last week of the football, you have scheduling issues. 2 weeks of practice and then 5-6 weeks to play 8 games. GCC, the 3rd/4th graders took a team to a couple of tournaments in Terre Haute. There wasn't enough interest from enough of the 5th/6th graders. They'd already been practicing basketball for 2 weeks.
  10. 3rd/4th Graders: 4 teams roughly 15 kids per team. 5th/6th: 4 teams 12-13 kids. As I mentioned above, one team could only play 9. I can't say for certain the K-2nd flag, but I believe there were 4 teams as well.
  11. The consolidation should've happened the first time they voted on it. The youth league could barely field 4 5th/6th teams last fall, at 13 kids per team. One team had multiple injuries, their games were 9 on 9. There will be less than 30 kids total playing in the 7th grade next year. Playing time, favoritism, the logistics of practice, and the 'feels strange' sentiment Trojan Dad mentioned are just some of the concerns I've heard from parents. I don't think any of them will be an issue after the first game.
  12. As MDAlum82 alluded to, SR will start on their own 10, and 7 minutes later they will hit pay dirt. They will chew up an entire quarters worth of time, keeping the ball out of the hands of Woodlan's "Athletes". Btw...they have athletes of their own, and one helluva line. And please explain how you know Southridge is not better than Eastbrook?
  13. Yeah we did.... Did both teams come out of Semi State injury free?
  14. SouthNZone

    Bad Weather (Favorite Games)

    1997 Regional Game Rockville @ Linton Thursday, the night before, saw 4-6 inches of snowfall. We had Thursday night practice playing in the snow. Custodians, administrators, teachers, and few other volunteers spent game day clearing the sidelines and yard lines, and that's all they got completed. It was 20 degrees at game time with 4-6 inches of snow on the ground. By the end of the game, the field was nothing but a mud pit. Linton wins 31-6.
  15. I was going to ask about that. I figure with the intricacies that go into that offense, having 6 more weeks to prepare and practice pays dividends in its potency. Btw, that was one of them most interesting offenses I've seen in awhile. I followed the guards right out of the play a number of times.