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  1. I am not offended at all. I am not a NC fan, and I couldn't care less about the outcome of that game. I just think its funny when people add fake disclaimers to the end of a post...
  2. You mean this entire condescending post is taking nothing away from O'Shea and those kids? That checks out...
  3. If you read it, then you would have been able to see there are no "independent teams." I placed every team in Indiana HS in a conference. If Cathedral or Chatard wanted to remain "Independent" thats on them, but they wouldn't be invited to the tourney. The way I had it outlined had the criteria listed. And like I said at the very beginning I don't have the same type of hatred towards P/P schools as a lot of posters on here. I was just trying to put out a theory that allowed for ALL teams to EARN a birth into the state tourney. Am I the type of guy who thinks a 2-4 cathedral team isn't very good? No, I understand their schedule and all that, but what other teams had the option to just not go back up and play the game the next day? I also feel like if this was the way the system worked that cathedral and chatard would be happy to be in a conference. They play the schedules they do to prepare them for the tourney. A loss is a good prep sometimes. I also feel they play some of the KY and Ohio teams because teams here in Indy decline to play them. In my system they are assigned a conference. They play their schedule, with the non conference games they could choose to play those out of state schools. It would still count towards their record though. it isn't just a boarder crossing scrimmage to prepare for the state tourney.
  4. So in creating a playoff system is it just for football or for all indiana hs sports? I realize this is a football site, but it's a big deal when it comes to what will have to be done to create a playoff. First, I must admit that I'm a public guy that has never cared about the P/P arguement. Mostly because it hadn't directly effected me or the school I attended/ coach. The title of this thread is kind of a joke since 5A in its current form has been around 1 year. If I were going to attempt to better he way we define our state champ (s) I would start with regular season and conference play. I'm taking sagrins numbers as the number of programs in indy. 324. First create proximity/enrollment conferences. 4 classes. 10 conferences with 8 schools each. There will be 4 left over which will which will shake itself out when thinking of the highly populated areas. Make the season 10 weeks long. Every team plays each of their 8-9 conference teams. And 1-2 non conference game. Use the sagrarin or a simular type of ranking. A BCS type of system using the Sag, coaches, and media polls. I realize everyone hated that but it was really because it decided individual games instead of seeding for s tourney. Of the 40 conferences the winner will always make the play offs in their class. So 10 auto bids in each class. Keep 16 for each class. In the event of a shared title both teams make it up to 6 conferences. If they all happen to tie the top 16 rated conf Champs would make it. Possible pushing a conference completely out of the tourney. That would be a pretty amazing feat though. So 10 conf Champs and 6 at large bids. At large bids can go to anyone with a .500 record. It would be nice if there was still a success factor variable to this as well. not in the terms of the way it is now, but an actual success factor. Each of the 4 classes have their own committee, and when they are deciding on their at large bids based off of the regular season success, and the ratings each team has a higher class can extend the invitation to the lower class team. Obviously all the P/P teams would hate this addition, but their would have to be rules in deciding to call a team up. Obviously with those 2 non conference games a team can try to determine their fate by playing up a class trying to boost their ranking or down trying to stay even. With these things we can have a true play off, seeded, and also somewhat even playing field. Sorry if this was all over the place, it's been a while and my phone isn't helping out much.