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  1. I know this play happened at Northfield, Home sideline in 1998? Huge hit!!!!
  2. Wabash HS will need an assistant next year. Coaching positions will be OL/DL.Would like for them to call the offense for JV games. Teaching positions at this time are unknown. If you are interested, please contact Floyd McWhirt: mcwhirtf@apaches.k12.in.us
  3. Defiantly the best quote.
  4. CoachMC

    Wabash Apaches 4-0

    Nowlin, Thanks for love. Guys are playing hard and confident. Its now about staying focused from day to day on what we need to accomplish to keep the momentum going.
  5. CoachMC

    Sectional Assignments

    2A Sectional 34 is brutal
  6. The next question is, if I am correct, Will the whole Wright family be moving? Brother included since he is not at Lebanon? Haven't heard, but how about the Father, the Legend Bud Wright? I believe he is back at Sheridan for another run. Would be very interesting that a Great Coaching Family from Indiana takes off to Florida to coach together.
  7. CoachMC

    Indy Star Project

    It will never be a small school, but you have to look at the 1993 North Miami team Coached by Bob Bridge. Won a state title and had four (4) players rush for 1000 yards. Thats right, 4 players. Unreal. Won't happen again.
  8. CoachMC


    Congratulations to Junior Owen Yeadon (K) for being selected to the IFCA Jr. All 2A State Team.
  9. Just donated. Thank you for this forum. it always provides fun, entertainment, and information.
  10. We have filled the last spot. Thank you all for your inquiries.
  11. It was due to a coaching change. We had Southern Wells, but Coach went to North Miami. North Miami will not be able to attend because it is during there Fair Week. Still Need one.
  12. Wabash High School is hosting a 7-on-7 and Lineman Challenge Saturday June 29th. We have had one team back out, and are need of one team. When: Saturday June 29 Where: Wabash High School Alumni Field Cost: $75 (covers both 7-on-7 and lineman Team) If you are interested in attending, you may contact me, Floyd McWhirt at the following email: mcwhirtf@apaches.k12.in.us I will then be able to send you the participating teams and the rules for each contest.
  13. Wabash High School will be hosting its 2nd 7-on-7 and Lineman Challenge Saturday June 29, 2013. We have seven (7) teams signed up. We are looking for one more school to join us. If you would like more info, contact me and I can send you a set of rules. Cost: $75 (covers both 7-on-7 and Lineman Teams) When: Saturday June 29, 2013 Contact: Floyd McWhirt Email: mcwhirtf@apaches.k12.in.us