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  1. Check out the GID Facebook Feature on Salem with comments from Coach Thompson. https://www.facebook.com/GridironDigest/?notif_id=1656619800325419&notif_t=page_user_activity&ref=notif
  2. The #2 recruit in Indiana, Daeh McCullough, has transferred from Bloomington South to SB St Joe. This is a huge pickup for the new staff. McCullough is a future NFL DB and will play on both sides of the ball for SJ. Should make the Big School Conference race more interesting.
  3. What is the buzz, if any , at Glenn under new Coach John Barron, who had a great career at Plymouth until that program nosedived due to low numbers.
  4. Im not sold on Crown Point yet. I need to see a Top 3 DAC finish and a sectional title before I digest any of the Buzea Koolaid. Developing high end skill position talent is, in my view, their biggest challenge. With nearly 3000 kids, they will have no problem finding plenty of big boys to man the trenches, play linebacker and fullback. Elite QB and receiver play and a Merrillville type RB is what they need to reach their objectives. That was the formula at HF for Buzz. Hopefully he stays strong and healthy and can see his vision thru to the end. Buzz appeared on my buddy Dan McNeil's Show two weeks ago. You can check it out here.https://www.jedtv.com/on-demand.html?fbclid=IwAR1Mp7mMjZ65J1_9KYoz9KdK9CDsp9pzO0ODMp3kPLobOTnKPfwrtQFrSi0
  5. This conference has some of the best coaching in the state. Reed May at Brownstown is a HOF Coach with one of the highest winning percentages in state history. Dave Papenhaus at SC, Kyle Mullin at Scottsburg and Blair Thompson at Salem are all young , rising coaches who could be leading bigger programs in the future. Charlestown's Jason Hawkins and Mark Williamson at North Harrison are veteran coaches who know how to win. Solid group puts this league on a good footing.
  6. Why is everybody so argumentative? Must be the heat and humidity. I just chewed out the property manager for shutting down the pool due to "chemical issues." Really?
  7. Center Grove and The Hoosier Crossroads Conference - A Match Made in Heaven *********************************************************************** Instead of watching the two time defending unbeaten 6A state champs make preparations for a move to the HCC, we are witnessing the CG staff in scramble mode, trying to pick up the pieces of a failed conference bid and look for willing opponents to fill former long time MIC matchups on the Trojan football schedule. Its been discussed on multiple forums and in local papers that CG will likely make another run at HCC membership, this time flying solo and not as Carmel's wingman, and the outcome will be a unanimous vote of YES to Center Grove membership in the league. It's too bad its not already happening. Out with meaningless lopsided games against Pike, North Central, Lawrence North and Lawrence Central. In with high powered battles against Brownsburg, HSE, Fishers, Avon, Westfield and Zionsville, in front packed houses both at home and on the road, unlike the empty MIC bleachers that CG home fans looked at for years when conference rivals arrived for Trojan home games. Yes, this will happen, sooner than later. It makes too much sense. CG is a mirror image of the majority of the schools in The HCC, it has become the most valuable and marketable athletic department in the state, and it will propel The Hoosier Crossroads Conference, now the #1 high school football conference in Indiana, to even greater heights.
  8. Carmel and CG should really show some scheduling intestinal fortitude by refusing to play any further games against any MIC school that voted them out of the conference. Its a matter of principle. As difficult as it may be to find good local competition, it makes no sense to be publicly humiliated and kicked out of your conference, but go on playing as if nothing ever happened.
  9. No worries Just trying to add in a little organization and structure while promoting more statewide forum discussion. Its already working The Conf threads are starting to get some traction I had no intent to overrun your existing thread. Pls continue , as long as we are talking about the NLC, we are heading in the right direction.
  10. If there was another active NLC thread, I couldnt find it. Thays why I started the new one. What crawled up your ass and died?
  11. Teams are physically worn down after playing CG and CA. It would be in the best interests on NC/LN/LC and PK NOT to schedule either team during the regular season.
  12. Most of these highly coveted slots are still available. In order for us to do our proper service to Indiana High School Football, we collectively as a group need to cover all schools, all classes, all regions, and all conferences. If you want to step into a Conference Driver Roll, send DT a PM formally requesting the spot. If you are confirmed, we will note this on your badge/nameplate. For those who have been driving conference forums for some time now, (SIAC/PAC/Hoosier/Hosier Hills/NIC) send in your request so we can formally recognize your position. We need dudes from the North to step up and cover our Northern half conferences. Region/North Central Indiana/Northeast IN/Mid Central Indiana We need leaders to cover The MIC/HCC/ICC/CCC/CI/MSC/HHC/WIC/EIAC/CIC Still openings in the South PLAC/MSC Please step up. WE NEED YOU!
  13. Have all 4 indicated they are dropping CA and CG after the 2022 contracted games have been fulfilled? I believe WC and BD have both indicated their desire to keep playing Hounds and Trojans in non con play.
  14. I see two potential hot seats in this conference. One in Millerville and the other in Cosmetic City.
  15. I recall watching the stream of the CG - WC season opener last year. It was Mike Kirschner's first game as Warrior HC. It was without doubt the worst looking Warren team I had ever seen. Small, sloppy , slow, undisciplined, overweight, out of shape, not ready to play. I know WC improved over the course of the season, but the Warriors had one next level player that I saw on the field in the big wideout. The talent simply is not there like it used to be. I also think its likely Coach Ks best coaching days are in the rear view mirror. WC scheduled like the WC of 15 years ago. They may have gotten in over their heads.
  16. I dont see how adding Purdue into my comments would have changed anything nor altered the message. Frankly PU is on a much better looking course right now than are the Hoosiers. In this day and age of competitive balance and level playing fields, its a bit shocking when a team goes 0-9 in conference play, and a fair question to ask if they really belong.
  17. I agree. Pike has a new staff and should be rejuvenated. LN has momentum from last year and Mickens might be the best player in Indiana at LC. Even things are looking better at NC.
  18. In your view, what is holding the program back at HN? Are they just not committed to football?
  19. https://www.facebook.com/GridironDigest Harrison ready to defend its title.
  20. I would say that is without a doubt the best coaching job in that part of the state. Floyd should be in the picture as a 5A title contender by now. Cant use Cathedral as an excuse for lack of advancement potential. The fact that they are not tells me there are systemic issues within the program that are not working. That falls completely on the staff, including the AD. This is a closed staff that does not like to talk about its program. Take it for what it is.
  21. So it shall be written , so it shall be done. 4A South clearly the most dominant subclass in the state. Oh wait, surely you will take that analysis apart piece by piece as well. LOL As long as it keeps you occupied
  22. Im not sure where you are coming up with that. Ill be highly surprised if IFCA does not have RHS Ranked #1 in the preseason poll. On paper, they certainly have a stronger team returning than MV. NP - RHS will be 1-2, in a very close preseason vote. If you want to give the Regional to NP prematurely, have at it.
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