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  1. https://www.facebook.com/Hoosier-High-School-Football-107360041590757/ Dont miss this! Coach hits on some hot topics. Enjoy
  2. East Central has become the Penn of Eastern Indiana football. They sleepwalk thru their conference schedule and then get upended in the post season. Columbus East was the same until they finally broke thru. All of these conference dominators have options. Penn had the DAC, but passed due to time change issues. East is clsose enough to Indy to apply to a few conferences for membership, but wants to be seen as a "southern" school so they stay put. EC could align with Ohio or pull a Carmel and go independent. Everybody has options and everybody makes choices. There are many schools who have controlled their own destinies and made moves in their own best competitive interests. Mishawaka to the NLC, Hanover Central to the NCC, New Castle to the HHC, Franklin Central to the HCC, Perry Meridian to the MSC, the entire HNAC. Kudos to those with the vision and the guts to make bold moves and enhance the experience for their student athletes.
  3. Madison AD is a hoot. I tried to interview his coach and he acted like they were The University of Michigan and already had enough press coverage for their program. LOL The Mighty Cubs are 11-59 over the past 7 seasons. Hmmmmmm
  4. Northwest Indiana Conferences : Lowell in the Northwest Crossroads Conference - great football school, rabid fan following, huge home field advantage, active alumni Wheeler in the GSSC - supporters love their Bearcats, aggressive coaching staff, solid over achieving kids Valparaiso in the Duneland - great talent, big strong athletic kids, tremendous fan and alumni support, winning heritage New Prairie in the NIC - hard nosed farm boys with high football intellect, winning mentality, great fan support
  5. I just dont buy the silly argument that they are too far away. LOL Give me a break.
  6. Im looking for CG to make another solo run at The HCC, and get accepted.
  7. Catch our interview with North Coach Joey Paridaen at Hoosier Highschool Football https://www.facebook.com/Hoosier-High-School-Football-107360041590757/
  8. Yeah, I see this kind of crap all the time. Push cg and ca out of the mic get ec out of the eiac. Push ole miss and eb out of he cic. Lets kik osu out of the b10. Al out of the sec. while we are at it, lets kick gb out of the nfcn to make way for the bears
  9. Maybe instead of kicking all the good schools out who invest in their programs and hire good coaches and have good facilities instead of coddling the bottom feeders who put little to no effort into football and just pass the time until basketball season, we might see a more competitive environment.
  10. Are others considering bolting the MIC? Perhaps the Larrys?
  11. While the SIAC claims to be "different", it really is not Nearly all conferences have 3 Tiers. Good-Average-Poor. Good - Mem/MD/CA/JA Average - CEN/N/R Poor - BO/HA/VL
  12. West Side is joining the GSSC in 2023. This is an up and coming program. Sharp young coach. Lots of talented athletes. I would have preferred to see them stretch and jump to the NCC as West Side is a 4A school Perhaps in the not too distant future. I think they will dominate the GSSC quickly and begin looking for better competiton.
  13. Coach Gilbert is retiring after one final season leading Clinton Central on the field. He takes a trip down memory lane in our chat on The HHF. https://www.facebook.com/Hoosier-High-School-Football-107360041590757/
  14. https://www.facebook.com/Hoosier-High-School-Football-107360041590757/
  15. Does this break the Gunner Kiel record for most college moves in a 4 year period?
  16. This is a record that will live in infamy
  17. No Admire Carmel, but not a fan. I may purchase a PPV however to watch a specific game Carmel vs St Eds Carmel vs CG
  18. No. But they are starting to look like a mini IMG given this new direction Maybe we will see Kevin Wright back behind the controls in the future
  19. You sound like Mr Obvious this morning. You are usually much sharper than this.
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