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  1. wanderer

    2018 MSC-PLAC

    Reed May is a living legend as a coach. What he has accomplished at Brownstown is nothing short of amazing. Not to take anything away from his success, consider their basketball program and the success they have had as well. May's stats: 26 years, 250 wins, 83% winning percentage, 12 sectional titles, 3 regional titles. Dave Benter's stats: 360 wins, 74% winning percentage, 8 sectional titles, 2 regional titles, 2 semi-state titles. Both destined for HOF. Again, not taking anything away from Coach May, I think it is the culture and environment that the kids grow up around in Brownstown. Strong Lutheran community with solid values, farming community with great work-ethic, low unemployment, solid and consistent school administration. Most of all, winning is contagious (for that matter, so is losing.) The amazing thing about Brownstown is how they avoid the valleys of the peaks and valleys philosophy of small to mid-size rural schools. The fact that both coaches work well together and encourage the other sport helps cultivate their culture and success. Just my 2 cents...
  2. wanderer

    Your Ideal Conference

    Paoli has been to two semi-state's...2009 and 2013.
  3. PreviousNext Pritchett to be administrator, coach TROY PRITCHETT Posted: Tuesday, March 11, 2014 10:30 am Pritchett to be administrator, coachBY ROGER MOON roger@tmnews.comTMNews.com | 0 comments MITCHELL — Troy Pritchett, who previously served as a principal in the Mitchell Community Schools system, is returning to Mitchell as assistant principal at the high school. He also will coach varsity football. The Mitchell school board, during its regular meeting Monday, unanimously approved hiring Pritchett to fill the two posts. Danny Reynolds, the current assistant principal at the high school, will become the athletic director, replacing John Edge, who resigned earlier this year. Edge also had served as varsity football coach. “This is not a demotion,” Assistant Superintendent Phil Storm said of Reynolds during the board meeting. Reynolds had previously served as the system’s athletic director, and Storm alluded to his earlier performance in saying, “We (in returning Reynolds to the post) have the best athletic director in the state.” Pritchett will begin his new job beginning with the 2014-2015 school year. He now is principal at Springs Valley Junior-Senior High School. He served as assistant principal at Mitchell High School from 2004-2007 and as principal at Mitchell Junior High School from 2007-2009 before taking the job at Springs Valley.
  4. The Senators may have their hands full this week.
  5. wanderer

    Crawford Co.

    Thank you SR1. I appreciate reading a post from a voice of reason. Coach Hess is doing good things at CC. Anyone can guess why the program hasn't taken off better than it has. The best decision was made in order to be fair to all parties involved. I don't know how good Paoli will prove to be this year, but I do know that this game would have gotten really ugly very early. How would have the young, inexperienced players from CC coped with that? Now, Paoli, Crawford County, and Indianapolis Washington will all benefit. Most importantly, like SR1 said above, now they will be provided an opportunity to play in a game that they can be competitive. Which is what they need!
  6. wanderer

    Crawford Co.

    From what I understand, the Paoli coaches as well as administration were in contact with Crawford regarding their impending situation even prior to the scrimmage (which they had to cancel due to numbers). It is unfortunate, but Paoli did what they had to do to ensure they have a Week 2 home game. Also from what I understand, Coach Hess was in complete cooperation. In my opinion, this is the best of both worlds for both programs...Paoli has a definite Week 2 home game and Crawford will have the opportunity to play Paoli's JV, with whom they will be able to play much more competitively with since they are comprised of primarily freshmen and sophomores. So before you start accusing Paoli of being classless, you probably ought to get your facts straight. My Dad always said "People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones."
  7. wanderer

    Plac In 2012

    Either way, I expect the Dubbers to be successful. I predict a 6+ win season. Good call on the midline...that's a dangerous offense.
  8. wanderer

    Plac In 2012

    Week 1 (and beyond) predictions... Brownstown 35 Mitchell 12 - Mitchell will struggle to keep up with the Braves speed. They will prove once again to be undisciplined amassing more yards in penalties than rushing. Maybe this is the year they lose their edge. North Harrison 2 Crawford County 0 - I guess that's how a forfeit would be scored. Let's just hope that Coach Hess has gotten more kids out and the season is not a complete loss. Corydon 22 Perry Central 14 - Tough game to call here. May just go the other way! Will be interesting to see how PC deals without Spencer on the sidelines running the show. Another rebuilding year? Springs Valley 25 Silver Creek 14 - Silver Creek has to be much improved but not enough to slow down Baggett. The season may get the best of SV with their lack of depth throughout. West Wash 28 Eastern 20 - The Senators avenge their opening year loss of 2012. They may run the ball or they might pass the ball...Hell, who knows. Either way, their schedule sets them up for a successful season.
  9. wanderer

    Hand Shakes After A Game

    Maybe because it has started to become "meaningless", it could be a focus for coaches and officials for next football season. Discuss the importance of sportsmanship with the players and coaches alike in order to heighten the importance but being humble in victory and gracious in defeat. Then the handshake line might take on a whole new meaning. Just a thought.
  10. wanderer

    Hand Shakes After A Game

    I think the most important thing about hs football and is missed by so many is how it molds young players into men. There must be expectations and consequences placed upon the athletes. Sure, emotions can run high and often times can get the best of them. However, if they respect their coaches and program enough, they will not do something to embarass themselves, their coaches, program or community. On the flip side, if athletes are not taught these values let alone expected to uphold them, when emotions run high, they may choose to handle them in a negative way. Let's face it, many of these kids are not being taught core values at home and are simply products of their environments.
  11. wanderer

    Plac Week 5

    Paoli v WW - This will be a great ballgame this year, unlike those of the last couple. Fans will see great athletes on both sides of the ball. Too many similarities in these two clubs to list. I too, will refrain from picking a winner, but I have a hunch. Mitchell v Crawford - I really like what Coach Hess has brought to the Wolfpack and just the opposite with the Jackets. I look for this to be a bit of a battle (maybe wishful thinking.) I would almost venture to say that if the Pack rush for more than the Jackets are penalized, they win! What an undisciplined (albeit big, strong, and somewhat athletic) bunch of clowns. MHS 20 CCHS 26 Linton v Valley - I may be wrong here, but I truly believe the Hawks have the skill kids to defend the aerial game of the Miners as well as some horses up front to pressure. I like the Hawks in this one...especially if Baggett has a night like last week. LSHS 29 SVHS 32 Perry v Tell City - Perry Central is an interesting team this year. Just when you think this could be their down year, their strong tradition pulls them through. Solid program. Solid coaching staff. Solid win this week. Tell City is coming, but not there yet. PCHS 20 TCHS 14
  12. wanderer

    Plac Week 4

    Mitchell vs. Eastern Greene Mitchell will get their first win of the season but not without some fight from the spread game of Eastern Greene. Mitchell 38 Eastern Greene 22 Crawford County vs. Forest Park Forest Park uses Crawford County as their Dutch Rudder. Forest Park 52 Crawford County 12 West Washington vs. Perry Central This could be the game of the night for the PLAC, but it's not easy being green. West Washington 24 Perry Central 20 Paoli vs. Springs Valley I think I will have to take a page out of the dubbers book and stay away from this one. I have my hunch, though.
  13. Marcys in Leopold is good. I recommend chicken livers or cod fish sandwich.