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  1. GS Titan80

    PAC All Conference

    Yes, I believe we will see more 2 way players.
  2. Calm down legend. It was not supposed to be an onside kick. It was supposed to be a pooch kick away from a certain player.
  3. Congrats to the Patriots..... Looking forward to one heck of a sectional championship game!
  4. HH win over GS was definitely not a fluke. They were the better team that night and outplayed GS period. Look for this to be another tight game this go around. HH seems to be healthy and hungry. They are on a roll having not lost since week 4. GS, which is mostly healthy I believe, will also be hungry for this rematch and are really playing good football at the right time. Can't wait for this one..... Is it next Friday yet?
  5. GS Titan80

    Pike Central @ Gibson Southern

    GS up 51-0 @ half
  6. GS Titan80

    gibson southern vs Boonville

    GS coaching staff will have the boys prepared mentally & physically. NO opponent will be taken lightly.
  7. Well said Titan54.....One week at a time
  8. GS Titan80

    gibson southern vs south spencer

    Not close. GS 49 SS 0