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  1. Andy G

    2018 Boilermakers

    It really stinks that the Boilers lost the first three straight. They could easily be 6-0 right now. With that being said, Purdue should be able to beat Minnesota and IU. Add in an upset vs Iowa, Michigan St, Wisconsin, or OSU, all ranked teams, and they are bowl bound. It's going to be tough from here on, but they can do it barring some terrible injuries (knock on wood.)
  2. Andy G

    Success points

    LaVille seems to be the favorite in that sectional. Pioneer beat them 66-19 in week 3.
  3. Andy G

    Success points

    Pioneer will move up barring a massive upset in the sectional or regional.
  4. Andy G

    HNAC Week 9

    I'm screwed then. I'll probably lose by 4.5 seconds like in 2013.
  5. Andy G

    HNAC Week 9

    Ok ok fine. 40 yard dash to settle it all. You and me, Mano a Mano behind the Wooden Nickel at sundown!
  6. Andy G

    HNAC Week 9

    Have you been practicing your windsprints with the middle school Warriors?
  7. Andy G

    HNAC Week 9

    Shares a lot of stuff he shouldn't share as well. Does anyone know Mr. Hook's 40 time? Asking for a friend.
  8. Andy G

    Sampson James

    I think that you're reading into this situation too much. IU is closer to home for him, and his younger brother, who is a 2020 recruit.
  9. Andy G

    2018 Boilermakers

    Road trip!!!
  10. Andy G

    2018 Boilermakers

    Closer than landlocked Nebraska.
  11. Andy G

    2018 Boilermakers

    Big win for Purdue! The offense has been what I've been hoping for during the past three games. Blough has been tremendous and they need to keep him as the starter, no matter what. This is his year.
  12. Andy G

    6-0 Pioneer at 5-1 Knox

    Former Pioneer head coach Mike Johnson is a master of the Wing-T and his philosophy is heavily influenced by the Delaware program. I remember him giving away Delaware hats in high school to various players. Try not to take it personally. It's just a game at the end of the day.
  13. Andy G

    HNAC Week 7

    It's debatable. By the way, when I said "well rounded," I was referring to the phases of offense, ie running through backs, passing, and QB runs. I can't remember a single 1A team that has been this talented in all three phases in the past decade.
  14. Andy G

    HNAC Week 7

    You obviously haven't watched Kiser this year. Kiser only averages 73 yards passing because Pioneer doesn't have to pass when they're blowing teams out 78-0. Best passer to come out of Pioneer and that's by a mile. I'm going to venture that he's the best HNAC/MWC passing QB since Watt. Who am I kidding? I'd probably know more if I was able to see more of LCC and their city speed.
  15. Andy G

    HNAC Week 7

    This offense can beat teams any way that they want to. I'm not sure if I've ever seen a 1A offense this versatile. Zachary was crazy good, but from what I saw he didn't have a strong passing game. Mills from the 2009 LCC team was also very good, but he was a pocket passer and not much of a runner. That's not meant to be a knock on him at all. Ditto with the later LCC QB's as well. If Pioneer needs to, they can beat teams through the air, they can ground and pound the traditional Pioneer way, or they can give the ball to Kiser every single play and let him beat teams with his legs. I would LOVE to see Kiser in a pass happy spread offense, like South Newton about a decade ago.