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    Mr Football

    If N. Zachary did not win it when he lead his team to 4 straight title games and won 3 of those then I dont think a 1A player will ever win it. I think there should be a MR. Football for each class because there will always be the argument that said player in smaller class didnt have to face the kind of competition that that player in a higher class had to face. No one rushing you when playing 7 on 7
  2. warren05

    playing both ways in 6a

    No need to relive the play. But yes it was a great play
  3. warren05

    playing both ways in 6a

    Banks punted in the regional game his senior year against Warren. I remember a snap going over his head into the end zone and he picked it up and ran it back for a TD
  4. warren05

    playing both ways in 6a

    No there is no rule. Just with most 6A schools having such high enrollment it is easier to find 22 players to play each position on each side of the ball. You will see it every once and a while but not often. Warren's David Bell I belive played both sides of the ball for the first couple games.
  5. Too many Indy teams. I am hoping for 11 Non-indy teams to make it.
  6. warren05

    AP Poll Week 4

    Wow Pioneer Not a unanimous #1 in A1.
  7. He hasn't signed anythi g yet so there is still time for those other schools to offer
  8. I kinda liked this rivalry when the 2 teams still hated eachother and didn't respect the other one. But hey I was a part of it in the early 2000's and still walk around telling random people I meet that " ITS BEN DAVIS WEEK".
  9. warren05

    IFCA Poll Week 4

    So a team that was ranked in the top 10 in a class last week wins and shuts out their opponent and and remains unbeaten and some how loses 13 votes and is no longer in the top 10. Whats is wrong with that picture? Yes i realize poll mean nothing and are only for fans.
  10. warren05

    MIC Preview 8/31

    Are u saying he is too strict on the kids? How do you know they dont all love him but just cant put a good game together
  11. warren05

    AP Poll Week 3

    Grid poll will prob be out tommorrow.
  12. With the increase in games being live streamed on the internet or local TV that has prob been a reason that crowd have not been as good lately.
  13. warren05

    AP Poll Week 3

    Exactly. In the old days people would call teams out on the forum. We need to go back to those days. Everyone is to complimenitive of everyone.
  14. warren05

    AP Poll Week 3

    So who were u talking about?
  15. warren05

    AP Poll Week 3

    Which teams would that be?
  16. Why? Better question is why are u asking this question on a topic that has nothingto do with Center Grove?
  17. I think the Warren Defense needs to practice wrapping up on tackles. They can not simply hit the ball carrier with their shoulder and expect everyone one to just fall down.
  18. Hope espnu will re broadcast this as I was unable to watch it all as I was taking stats for my team. Help of a win for My Warriors and congrats coach West.
  19. Yea just saw that. Thanx for the correction
  20. ESPN on Friday night at 7 i believe.
  21. I think they are just looking for some good competition. I think they have won like 10 straight state titles in KY.
  22. warren05

    Cascade defeats Danville

    They can still play as a non-conference game as Cascade is needing to replace Monrovia in their Non-conference schedule.