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  1. nd1irish

    Greensburg - Shelbyville

    Bad typing on my part.
  2. Due to electrical Issues at Shelbyville, the game is now being played at Greensburg at 7:30.
  3. nd1irish

    Field Goal

    There was an interesting play at the end of the Franklin - Shelbyville game last night that as a fan I would like some help. Franklin set up to kick a field goal with about 14 seconds left in the game on 2nd down. The kick was blocked before the ball crossed the line of scrimmage. Shelbyville ran off the field and Franklin recovered the kick. The officials got together and the result was Franklin ball 3rd down, with about 10 seconds on the clock and they started the clock on the ready for play. I don't think Franklin noticed the clock was running and didn't get the snap off. Game over. I'm sure there is Hudl video somewhere, but I don't have access. I guess I have multiple questions. Was this the correct call by NFHS rules? How would this have been called if it was NCAA or NFL?
  4. I think the conference goes 5-3 this week. New Castle and Pendleton Heights still have a long way to go. Yorktown 27-20 Delta 42-7 Greenfield 30-28 Franklin County 36-6 Hamilton Heights 28-14 Muncie Central 27-20 New Palestine 28-21 Shelbyville 35-14
  5. On the play in question, the QB/punter lined up in shotgun formation with a running back behind him (pistol). After receiving the snap, the QB/P took two steps back and punted the ball. The defensive player tried to block the punt and hit the QB/P after the punt. The explanation from the white hat was the team was not in a punting formation and he did say the punter needed to be 7 yards deep at the snap to get protection.
  6. Here is a play from a game tonight: Team A has the ball 3rd and goal from the 6. Team A fumbles and Team B recovers at the 3, advances the fumble to about the 5, fumbles and Team A recovers and advances to the 2. I thought since possession changed it should have been 1st and goal from the 2. The crew huddled and said 4th and goal from the 2.
  7. nd1irish

    Shelbyville Job?

    It appears that Shelbyville will hire Coach Beach from Forest Park. It will be announced Thursday.
  8. nd1irish

    Coaching changes

    Bill Ball is the new coach at Winamac.
  9. nd1irish

    Coaching changes

    Harry Larrabee takes over at Shelbyville.
  10. Harry Larrabee is back as the head boy's coach at Shelbyville. Taking over after a one year stint by Bill Zych.
  11. nd1irish

    Coaching changes

    Bill Zych to Perry Meridian
  12. I heard that Bill Zych is going to step down after one year with the Golden Bears to take the Perry Meridian job. Rumor only right now.