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  1. ths81

    Hoosier Conference 2017

    Tipton isn’t a bad “doormat” “mediocre” program...3 state runners up between 2 and 3a and 9 sectional titles. Smh
  2. ths81

    Hoosier Conference Pick 'Em Week 7

    Tipton used to get rensy, Lcc and WL
  3. ths81

    Hoosier Conference 2017

    see Shively helmet come off and the kid punches him in the nose first play of this clip. since we are sharing videos
  4. ths81

    Hoosier Conference 2017

    I understand them wanting sidelines back but seems sideline judges only worry about that rule. Not all but some
  5. ths81

    Hoosier Conference 2017

    I understand them wanting sidelines back but they need to focus less on it and more in the game. Like I said it cost us a 50 yard game. Because he said it while looking right at our wr who was asking if he was on.
  6. ths81

    Hoosier Conference 2017

    Officiating was poor for both sides...missed calls for both teams. We had a 50 yard pass play negated because our receiver asked if he was on and the official said back up. Then He threw the flag and said he was telling the sideline to back up....since that is the most important rule of course Dws
  7. ths81

    CIC Week 3

    At Tipton we typically are in the 50-60 range
  8. ths81

    Hoosier Conference Pick 'Em Week 2

    Not liking Tipton this year I see. Hmmn
  9. They had Cathedral on their a few years ago.
  10. ths81

    Why Is The Colts' Offense So Inept?

    Oline is awful!!!!
  11. HH vs Tipton rival is as good a rival their is in High School football. Two quality programs that in the last 20 years have played 18 times.....Tipton leads 10-8 in that period.
  12. I wonder if the 1-0 written on Cunningham's calf's had washed off yet when that happened.
  13. ths81

    CIC Week 3

    I would agree Riverrat just 2a is an easier path this year than it has been in the past. North is up for grabs big time..
  14. ths81

    CIC Week 3

    2a North is wide open this year.....Resny, Tipton, Luers, Lcc all left 2a leaving Eastbrook the favorite followed by Bremen, Cass
  15. ths81

    CIC WEEK # 2

    I have no dog in this fight....but as far as who wins MG and Elwood? I give the edge to MG...no excuses here as elwood played harder and hungrier in second half....we had a few injuries occur and we got tired on OL/DL and elwood started running on us in second half. We shot ourselves in the foot with two long gains called back on penalties(also driving to go up 35-14). We should have just thrown the ball every down in hindsight.....we were 21-24 for 305 in the air. Marty was stubborn and refused to get out of the 5-2. They stuffed the run pretty well but couldn't stop pass game at all. We are a young inexperienced team that hopefully by end of the season learns to play 4 quarters of football. Good luck to all the CIC teams this year.